Dig Me A Hole?

24 Jun

It’s been a while since I was last here to write something. Somehow, twenty-four hours a day and two non-working days on a normal week is really really not enough for me.

So many things have happened with so many changes. I went to the HQ to work, unwillingly at first then totally enjoyed every minute I spend at work, for a short three months then I got posted to the branch for a permanent position. 

Then weekends are really  so short that I can’t do decent shopping for many many weeks now, without having to cancel dates with friends. Speaking of friends, I have a whole bunch of them I haven’t met for the longest time. 

And when you think life cannot get any worst accidents happen. Stupidity struck for that split second then gone it was – my six months of savings.

It’s frustrating how life keep pushing you through to the next phase when you’re just not ready. 

There are so many things I want to do or I want to keep but no, I can’t simply because I’ve outgrown them.

I just feel like digging a hole right now and bury myself deep so that I can listen to my own thoughts and hear what my heart wants. It’s okay if I don’t get to do all of them, I just want to listen to myself again. \

I know how frustrating this post sounds because I am frustrated. 

And I blame it on period.


18 Feb

Went on a short holiday with Chai for Valentine’s! 


Yup! We were at Universal Studio Singapore! Will blog about it in detail soon! 🙂

Choose Happiness!

6 Feb

Of the many things I say, “Don’t ever do…”, “I’ll never want…”, “That’s the last thing I’ll want/do…” so far I am doing and gotten all of them.

As pathetic as it may sound, I actually don’t feel all that bad.. 🙂 I secretly think it’s in my nature to just put all the negativity in life aside and be happy. Even my Dad said I’m so good at psycho-ing myself with all that positivity which resulted to my weight gain. LOL

I guess at the end of the day, so long as you don’t end up losing the things that matter most to you, as in really really REALLY important then it’s fine because you have to learn to adapt. 🙂 It’s not you ARE happy or not, it’s you CHOOSE to be happy or not. 


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 😀

Breaking Dawn – Part One

28 Nov

No measure of time with you will be long enough, but let’s start with forever.


That was one of the things I remember most, coming from Edward in the movie Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Yeah, I know how most people would roll their eyes at this point of time, with minds suddenly filled with all sorts of criticism one can think of.

I don’t blame them. It is indeed cheesy at some parts, to have someone saying that at this century. Some people don’t even say ‘I love you’ all that often anymore.

But let’s not forget the part where Edward was supposed to have existed at least a hundred years ago. 🙂

And yeah, it’s just a character some genius came up with. But what if, I told you that I really met someone who would say something as cheesy as Edward? Really! If you really are interested to know who, let me know I’ll introduce him to you. Hehe!

I don’t know what triggered me to write this post too. I guess I’m just overwhelmed with the whole movie after watching it last Saturday. Everything’s just so touching and emotional, not just Edward & Bella’s part.

I actually teared at Bella’s dad’s parts. It’s just so touching to see how protective Dads could be yet they try to hold back and act all macho. 😀

It’s really a good movie. I know how difficult it is to accept the whole idea though. It’s just that I am not choosy with movies so maybe it’s easier for me to like Twilight Saga.

Atop, I actually read the books after the first movie so I guess I was able to accept the whole part easier. Some book lovers would condemn how lifeless and expression-less Kristen Stewart is playing Bella while some movie lovers would loathe their cheesy scripts.

So for me, I am actually on the win-win situation! 😀 I watched the first movie before the books, so when I started reading I was actually already visualizing Kristen’s stoned face. And when I watched the movie, I actually anticipated the cheesy parts. Hehe!

So in short, thumbs up to Breaking Dawn – Part 1! Only downside is they censored the part where Bella was in labour. =.= Looking forward for the download versions and Part II, of course! 🙂

Their songs are  awesome too! ♥

Road Trip – Kuantan!

19 Nov

I’m gonna skip all the ‘Oh it’s been ages since I last wrote something’ cause I realize my blog posts all have the same beginnings now.

So anyways, just last weekend, the five of us (Chai, Malar, Elen, Felicia & myself) went on a mini road trip to the East Coast-Kuantan! Wasn’t anything spectacular but I had an a-ma-zing time! 😀

We had all the yummy local delicacies…

#1. Ikan (with no tulang) Bakar!



Pic #2 & 3 may not have looked that good, but it’s a wonder how something so simple taste that good! For this, we took a 45 minutes drive to Kemaman – totally worth the journey!

We also had a really good dinner with Elen’s parents but I was too distracted by all the yummy seafood I forgotten to snap pictures. 😀

And the company of course was awesome! 🙂

#4. Dear Feli!

#5. Lily Darling!

#6. Bee!

#7. ❤

It’s a wonder how happy I felt going to work after the whole tiring journey. I guess at the end of the day happiness does make a whole lot of difference in your life.

I know how cliche this sounds but it’s a totally different thing when you experience it yourself. 🙂

#8. Love you guys!


10 Oct

I ‘ve been to convocation ceremonies before this but this year’s probably one of the most memorable ones.


Main reason is of course it’s mine this year.

But it’s not so much about celebrating my moment and things like that, it’s about meeting up with friends I used to see almost everyday but haven’t met since our finals last May.



Roomies & first friend from university. 🙂




Juniors who are still schooling, seniors who are already working…


And loved ones. 🙂

This is really a memorable part of university. And of course, being part of the wonderful bunch from college makes it all different as well.

It’s sad how we have to move on from phases in life like this. But I suppose this is how it’s meant to be.

I’ll miss each and everyone of you.

When Many Left, They Stayed.

25 Sep

Today is yet another day worth to be written down somewhere, hence here I am trying to keep my eyes open at this hour just for the sake of writing when I still feel the excitement from the day. 🙂

I keep saying how much I miss university but even I myself haven’t expected that I really do miss that phase of my life so much so it made me so emotional the whole day.

I was super excited with just the thoughts about meeting friends from the same course since it’s I-Week at the Faculty.

So excited I actually half-ran to the hall from my car. LOL!

Then I saw the very familiar building I spent my last three years in. And the smell of their air-conditioner – mm hmm~ I’m back!!! 😀

It was just so thrilling to see how successful I-Week in FEA can finally be! After so many years of letdowns, thank God we haven’t gave up on this beloved school of ours!!!

Then I met my roomies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually met them last night and when I saw them, I immediately felt like crying. I don’t know why either, I just wanted to hug them both and cry my heart out.

Don’t get me wrong, my life hasn’t sucked as much as it sounded. Just that I missed them so so SO much!

So to get an all-day outing with them today sure made me a super happy girl! And this silly woman came too, all the way from RTM Seremban!


And her so-called boyfriend who has been dead centuries ago!


…who is also cross-eyed! Ahahaha!

#2. Roomies!

For dinner we had Korean food, which was somewhat disappointing. Haha but really, it’s who you eat with that matters. 🙂


And that’s the face you get from Malar when she is calling you ‘menyampah’. 😀

We basically went hunting for Elen’s so-called furnitures and did some shoe-shopping with Malar – simple stuffs but don’t know why I got super emotional about the whole thing when I left Elen’s house just now! 😦

I just suddenly remembered, these girls have been there not just for three years, but a really important chapter in my life.

They saw me in my worst and best days, heard me out countless times when I rant about my day, got woken up by me in the middle of the night simply because I was being stupid for getting scared over some random noise or shadow, accompanied me to shower in the next cubicle because I was scared again, and even helped held my hair and pat my back when I vomited over one of my migraine days.

They were there because they cared for me sincerely, with no expectations on what they’ll get back.  And I know, they’ll always be there even though I’ve had already countless friends walking out on me simply because we are moving on with different things in life.

You girls are really the most amazing people I’ve met. I’ll always be grateful to have met each and everyone of you. 🙂


Can’t wait for our complete group shot! ♥