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Biao, Man-dee, Loo and Ah-Lun

29 Oct

I am supposed to be studying for the coming finals which is next tuesday, but I started this instead.. I’m not exactly sure what is the ‘right’ way to blog, all I know its as though ‘I’m talking to myself'(haha.. Audrey kept emphasizing on this in her first entry I remember), so don’t mind the not-so-interesting and no-syok-sendiri-pictures in my entries to come. =)

For a start, I’d like to talk about my friends as I’ve always treasured them more than anything else in my life(yup, sometimes even more than my family..SOMETIMES-lah..) I’ve been hanging out with different groups of people everytime I move on to a new phase so yup, i got primary friends, secondary school friends, form6 friends and most recently, my university friends. Since university friends are the most recent, I shall start with them lah..In uni, I hang out with the same 8 girls most of the time. But the ones most likely anytime of the day you see me with would be Annabelle, Mandy, Louise and Elensha. So, to cut things short, i’ll talk about them only la k. (i’m a lazy and lousy blogger i know)

Annabelle Wong Si-Ern is pursuing a degree in Linguistics, majoring in English(i think thats how they call her course). She studies English lah in short. haha. She is among the first few people in uni I can click with cause she’s one of the what they call bananas here in my college. Er, in case you dunno banana is a term they use on Chinese who can’t read and write Chinese. I got to know her when the both of us were selected to represent our college during Minggu Haluansiswa(MHS), which means Orientation Week, or something like that. She’s like the mother among us. She won’t let Louise eat chicken when she’s coughing and will pull a face when she finds out I skipped class again. Hehe.


Moving on, Mandy. Actually she’s seldom with us cause she got lucky and found a senior boyfriend just after 2 months we got in uni. Ok lah, her senior bf was from the same high school as her and they had ‘ai mei’ relationship since 2 years ago. Although she’s most of the time MIA, I somehow got this bridge with her. We can share all sorts of gossips and stories together until for god knows how long.


Louise, Loo loo~ is the ‘tai ka che’ of the group despite being the shortest. I personally enjoy being with her a lot cause we’re both noisy, horny and crappy. And this three words also equals to A LOT OF FUN. hehe.


Lastly, Elensha. Thanks to Louise, she got all sorts of name. From Tai Soh to Ah-Lun to Lou Foong (Old Foong, cause Foong’s elen’s surname) and back to Sha sha. She’s the most helpful one among us. I tell you, some people take advantage of her because of this which is damn annoying. Some guys were even having wild ideas to steal her bra then put it around their eyes so they can act as Ultraman. wtf.


Stef, Elensha, Mandy, Me, Louise, Annabelle and Wei Yin

Okay lah, thats it for now. Gotta watch ‘Legend of the Demigods’ with Loo now. =)