Two Buddies and A Sister

2 Nov
Had quite a rough day earlier today. But a buddy, actually two, cheered me up though it was just through sms and msn. Then Xinyi was kind enough to buy me a dress for the coming Majlis Anugerah Kurshiah (MAK). I’m feeling so much better now and will continue my revisions on Titas and Financial Management sooooonnn!!
Oh, I was browsing through Facebook and saw these pictures. I miss those days with them so much!!

Some of my form6 classmates

My Two-Full-of-Nonsense-Best-Friend =)

The not-so-SSed side of them

Me, Karine, Jess and Audrey

With New Best Friend and BFFs!

Sampat Yean

Can’t wait for semester break suddenly!! Everyone will be back!! =)

3 Responses to “Two Buddies and A Sister”

  1. jessieloi at 2:01 am #

    hellooo am i the firsst?!?! haha

  2. Xin Min at 2:14 am #

    hahahaha.. yes yes.. thank you! hopefully not the last, wtf.

  3. Dwee at 6:02 am #

    Stupid XM!!!! When I first start my blog you talk so much ar!! Wait la you. Sure kena from me liao. But I’ll forgive you for now since you got mention about me in your entries. Muahahahahah!!

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