The View Outside My Window

7 Nov
I was dipping my favourite breakfast since I got in uni, Luxury crackers into a cup of Nescafe while looking out the windows in my room. There’s nothing spectacular about it, just a forest(yes, there’s a forest in UM surprisingly). In the evenings you can even see the monkeys playing around and at that time, everyone will be shutting their windows as the monkeys will intrude into the rooms if the windows are opened.

Anyway, I wrote this cause I was remembering the first time when I got into my room, I was disappointed to see the jungle. Afraid, too as you know, a lot of ‘things’ in the jungle one.

I was with my mom that time, who helped me with my luggages. I was really glad she was there with me, not because I would have to carry my awfully heavy suitcase, together with two bags and a pillow to my room which was on the third floor all by myself if she wasn’t but the reminder she and my dad ‘carry’ with them, that I must be happy to get into University of Malaya, though I was dying to go somewhere further as UM is(was) one of the top universities in the country. I remember telling her “I’ll be fine, you can go now” when she asked if I needed anything else before she leaves. Despite the confident, independent look I put up, I was really hoping she would stay with me a little longer. I didn’t turn back when she left.

Then, my roommate came. Her mom was with us the whole time, excited about everything, getting nervous over the smallest things. She was even telling us what to call each other, our nick names so that we’ll remember each other’s names(remembering names was a freaking hard thing in uni cause all Chinese names one). But my roommate’s was an easy one, Siew Peng. She’s Grace, too but I like Siew Peng better, cause she looks more like a Siew Peng than a Grace.

The next five days after that was hell.

It was Orientation. Five days are considered short but hell, Orientation was both mentally torturing and physically tiring at that time. I remember the first two days being the hardest. They were constantly yelling at us, telling us our 4.0 in STPM is nothing in uni(I didn’t even score close to 4.0 but still kena, wtf) so don’t be proud of it and stuffs like that. Our programme book wrote we are supposed to sleep at 11 and wake up at 6 but they let us off earliest at 12 but woke us up at 3 for a fire drill.
Everyday we slept less than 3 hours and we got about 5 minutes to eat and bathe only so nope, the last two days I didn’t bother to bathe anymore. And can only wear the same two shirts throughout Orientation, so nope, no time to wash also.
The worst part, they shut us out from the outside world. We’re not allowed to use our handphones, must off them, cannot even turn on silent mode. I remember reading Jessica and Heng Li’s messages before I go to bed and I feel like crying every time I do so. Jess purposely stayed up one night to call and chat with me and I felt extremely happy after that though I didn’t get to sleep. My parents didn’t call though, as they knew UM’s tradition, orientation=torture new comers.

Despite it all, Orientation is actually one of the fond memories in university so far.

I didn’t have any close friends as they won’t let us talk.
But there were slots for the Chinese Club (when the malays are praying) that I always look forward to as this club gives me a feeling that I’m part of the big family in college. Among the Chinese community, that is. And the seniors came back and told us, bananas not to worry as they will not discriminate us though they speak mandarin during their activities. We even have a Banana Club in the Chinese Club. At that moment, I knew I will join this club’s activities with full commitment. And I made it to becoming the ‘Timbalan Pengarah’ of Pesta Tionghua, an event organized by all the Chinese first years in the college(college is our hostel) in March next year. And I’m very proud of it. =)

Now, the view outside my window, though it hasn’t change a bit in appearance wise, it gives me a totally different feeling. The feeling of being home (room in college is my home in uni), the feeling of being belonged to somewhere, in the university. I wouldn’t have said this, not even think its possible 3 months ago but I’m sure I’m gonna miss uni during the semester break.

Something Siew Peng made to put on our door

My second home

The left is mine, right is Siew Peng’s(she got damn a lot of books)

Siew Peng and I

My Chinese Club ‘family’ CC Trip

6 Responses to “The View Outside My Window”

  1. jessieloi at 2:16 am #

    “…cause she looks more like a Siew Peng than a Grace.”

    hahahaha! so i look more like a Jessica than a Li-Wei?

  2. Dwee at 1:21 pm #

    Haha!! Yea. I think you look more like Jessica.

    you damn free la now. Finals over and everything. Got time to blog.

  3. AndrewC. at 7:26 pm #

    Think again after your post… i doubt any public universities in malaysia offers pleasant orientation days. =(

    Eww… “Kon Low” mee for the last two days f your orientation.. XD

  4. Andrewc. at 7:27 pm #


  5. jessieloi at 8:10 pm #

    oh andrew, in usm it erm, not pleasant, but completely boring. all you do is attend talks etc. nothing else.

  6. Xin Min at 6:23 pm #

    jloi: yes, really! she looks more like a siew peng!! you look more like a jessica lah… =)

    dwee: free but internet connection got problem. damn potong stim.

    andrewc: actually in UM not every college(hostel)’s orientation is that bad one.. shin yeen is in UM too and she said her orientation was boring.. haha.. at that moment “kon low” or not not the issue anymore.. rather save some time to eat.. =)

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