Reasons to Smile

15 Nov
Finally get to online! Actually nothing much to update cause my holidays been really dull. I went out for yumcha sessions but only twice so far. The first was with Danny and his hing tai’s and the other one was with Chin Wei, Karine, that bunch.

Both were pretty fun and got some updates on everyone. Oh, not forgetting gossips. Hehe. Found out about the latest sex scandal in SMK USJ 13, involving two Form3 students. Goodness. Kids these days seem to be growing pretty fast. Some of my friends of the same age haven’t even gotten their period back in Form3 but kids now are doing blow jobs for their boyfriends at that age already. And oh, the guys won’t stop talking about sex the whole night! Porn, masturbating, ways to do it-right hand left hand, who’s doing it, almost everything related to sex were discussed that night. Very informative to hear from a bunch of guys who were being real honest and who clearly didn’t bother the fact that I am a girl. Pfft.

I went back university yesterday. For the fun of it and to get away from the boredom of staying at home. Took a bus to Mid Valley and Belle picked me up from there. Then we ta-paued some Char Siew rice and Roast Duck rice back for Louise and her room mate, Miko. For some reasons the meat taste better in hostel. =) Anyways, we did some nonsense as usual-played Chor Tai Di, make up for each other and played basketball a while.

Basically those are the FUN activities I did during the sem break so far. Very saddening-kan. But but, I’m going karaoke with Aunt Lowell and her family with my family at The Gardens tomorrow and high tea buffet with family on Sunday to celebrate mom and Xin Fei’s birthday! Then, on Monday going karaoke with the university ‘monkeys’!!

Did I mention my BFFs are gonna be back next weekend? =)

3 Responses to “Reasons to Smile”

  1. jessieloi November 15, 2008 at 3:58 am #

    “Some of my friends of the same age haven’t even gotten their period back in Form3”

    ME! THAT’s ME! Hahahahah!

  2. Dwee November 15, 2008 at 4:44 am #

    Once again, I have no idea why jess is so happy in giving out such information. SWT!!!

    I also want to go back malaysia!!! Anyone want to sponsor me?

  3. Xin Min November 22, 2008 at 12:45 am #

    jloi: hahaha!!! i wasn’t talking about you actually. but thanks for reminding.

    audrey: wtf. sponsor you??? ask danny lah.. hehe

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