Sixth Form

22 Nov
My dear sister, Xin Fei is on a 3days 2nights trip to Port Dickson with her form6 bunch.

My sis, Fei is on a trip with her FRIENDS, away from home!

For those of you who don’t know my sis must be thinking, wth, no big deal.

BUT this sister of mine used to always ALWAYS stay at home because she’ll miss my mom if she doesn’t see her for one whole day.

Look what form6 has done to her now! *smiles*

My form6 days were very very extremely fun too!

The bunch of people I used to hang out with are….silly! =)

Funny how we used to hang out at Taman Herba in spite of the mosquito population there, how we used to make compost out of waste, how we made fun of Karine everyday, how we enjoyed lame boring outings together, how we first clubbed together, how we bashed everyone on their birthdays, how we witnessed some of us getting together and breaking up…

Ah…good ol’ days…

I did mention they are silly right? =)

we even went FRIM together


Oh, reason why pics all usually girls one. Not that I’m sexist but the male population in form6 is countable with fingers.

So right, my mom was so wrong when she told me we usually meet our special someone, the other half, what ever, in form 6 or university. Either my mom was giving me false hopes or she wants me to turn into a lesbian.

I miss form6 so much suddenly!!

3 Responses to “Sixth Form”

  1. Dwee at 1:19 pm #

    I look horrible in those pictures except pic 2. Choose nicer pic of me ma. After people think I am annoying AND ugly when I am actually sporting AND adorable! LOLX!!

  2. Andrew.C at 11:11 pm #

    “but the male population in form6 is countable with fingers.”

    Sad right? lol!

  3. Xin Min at 10:39 pm #

    dwee: HAHA. sorry lahh, so happen i found those two.. lazy to really see who’s pretty and who’s not.. and don’t worry lah, i promoted you before wat..

    AndrewC: HAHAHA!! its really damn saddening and i think so far its the only bad side of form6

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