Cuti-cuti Malaysia

30 Nov

I just got back from a trip to Perak with family. The plan was to spend the weekend at Pulau Pangkor cause Pa thought my bro hasn’t really gone out this school holiday.

So, off we went in two cars to Lumut. Left Subang at about 6 in the morning. We took things slowly; drove slowly, stopped at the Rawang stop for breakfast, then walked around the Lumut Waterfront, then only we got up the ferry to Pangkor. It was about noon that time. Oh, the crowd at the jetty won’t queue and be patient, kept pushing their way to get a place for the next ferry. kns. Hated that part of the trip.

#1. Lumut Waterfront

#2. Ferry

#3. Sea sick??

#4. This kept me from sea sick

#5. This kept Fei from sea sick

#6. Annoyed sis at hotel lobby

#7. Damn excited, like never sit boat before

#8. Expensive side of Pangkor

#9. Some rock that apparently looks like a turtle nearby Turtle Bay

#10. Monkey Bay

#11. Fish feeding

#12. Pa telling stories *yawns* at Coral Bay

#13. Xinyi, Fei and Mom

#14. Fei and I

#15. Fei doing her thing

#16. Xinyi doing hers

The whole point of going on this trip was to relax and give bro a chance to just get away from Subang, so we didn’t do anything extreme. We walked along the beach, went lompat pulau, ate, shopped and played cards at night.

Oh! The card game was damn funny!
We played blackjack and the one who loses 3 accumulated rounds will have to choose truth or dare.
Xinyi’s was the funniest! We made her call my cousin, Ming Nyet and asked him with a very serious tone if she was pretty.

XY: Nyet boy? Eh.. I wanna ask u something and you have to answer me honestly.
Nyet: Yea, whats that??
XY: Am I pretty? *trying very hard to not laugh*
Nyet: Huh? *blur*
XY: Am I pretty?
Nyet: Honestly?
XY: Yea..
Nyet: Err… Okay lah.. Average…?
XY: Above average or below average?
Nyet: Above average.
XY: You’re not saying that just because I’m your cousin right?
Nyet: Oh no, definitely not.
XY: Okay… Thanks then. Bye.

HAHA!! My mom, Fei, bro and I laughed until we almost pee!! (Actually Fei really peed a little) Funniest part was, my cousin called me right after that!! We actually planned to not tell him until today but he was so serious with everything, he actually thought XY was some suicidal case so we told him everything in the end. XD

The next day we woke up around 6.45am just to go for the breakfast buffet at the hotel which starts at 7. Damn kiasu. Haha. After that went to the beach again.
#17. Morning sun is good lah, Fei!
#18. The bising sisters
#19. Got wild hornbills there!!! (Random, I know)
Checked out at about 9am then went to Ipoh to visit some relatives and makan-makan. Everything in Ipoh is damn cheap!! One bowl of noodle RM3.30 only!!

#21. SEE!!! DAMN CHEAP!!!
Finally, at about 4 just now we headed back. All in all, quite fun lahh, but damn tired.

4 Responses to “Cuti-cuti Malaysia”

  1. hL November 30, 2008 at 11:28 pm #

    pangkor looks nice. expensive anot. haha and u must not be in an ss mood cos got damn alot of pics of ur fam but lil of urs.

  2. Xin Min December 1, 2008 at 1:31 am #

    hL: I went to the cheap side of Pangkor, Pasir Bogak I think. And very few pics of me cause I was the one holding onto the camera. Fam all not semangat to ss one.. That also u notice! Memang kawan gay sejatiku!! =)

  3. Dwee December 3, 2008 at 1:57 pm #

    why so little pictures of yourself one. Should take more of yourself ma!

  4. xinyi December 5, 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    Larr… why my “story” must be posted up? ish ish!

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