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I’m Angry at Me

31 Dec

I had such high hopes when I found out about the news. I was ready to put everything aside and set it as my number1 priority. I was ready to sacrifice anything for it, including my results.

But what I see now is me, watching from the side while everyone’s working their asses off.

Me, wanting to help but not knowing how.
Me, feeling all useless, good-for-nothing.
Me, being called the-one-who-does-nothing.
Me, understanding not much of what people want from me.
Me, not knowing what am I for.
Me, hoping I can turn to the usual someone to tell all this to.
Me, finally realising I don’t have anyone reliable enough with me now.

So sad, so sad…

30 Dec

…its a sad sad situation. No, I’m not listening to the song “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. Its just that I’m back at UM and the situation here is terrible.

Let’s start with my first class today.
So yea, I went early to my lecture hall and was expecting my Academic Advisor, Pn. Nurhidayah to turn up for my first Introduction to Business Law class but an Indian man came instead. I was a bit surprised and immediately hope that he can lecture but first thing he did was to change all our classes which is supposed to be every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am to late evening classes. He even wanted to lecture at night but we protested.

So the first class ended after Mr Mahindar or something reminded us that Law is fun if we think it is. wth. As if I’m gonna like Law even just a little by telling myself Law is fun, when its not!!!

Then, my next three classes all cancelled. Okay fine, second one cancel then the last one at 2pm I skipped.

But with good reasons. I had to clean my room.

Which is the main cause of the awfulness right now. UM was so kind that they arranged for our college to be renovated, but the stupid pathetic lifeless workers actually ransacked our things which was locked in our cupboards!!! They stole a pair of shoes of mine and it was clear that they used some of my stuffs which is damn disgusting. I’m gonna bleach everything later.

Then, most of my friends are not in the college, which makes everything harder. I can’t go home that soon, not until Friday at least as my parents think its troublesome to fetch me in and out so often.

What a way to start my second semester right.

Just A Short One

19 Dec

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.. Didn’t have the access to Internet as Inn Yeow didn’t come over last weekend.

Anyway, just a quick update as I’m at Old Taste Kopitiam now to register my subjects for the coming semester.

#1. Been hanging out alot with the BFFs but we’re very boring people. We do very laid back and low budget stuffs, which also means boring stuff

#2. Reading the 4th book from The Twilight Saga now, Breaking Dawn

#3. Done shopping again after the first trip and I finally found clothes for CNY!!

#4. Pesta Tionghua’s work is starting to get more stressful

#5. Went MOS Euphoria again, but this time with my secondary school bunch and it was ALOT LOT fun!!! -which I might blog about this weekend

#6. …..I can’t think of anything else and my parking ticket is gonna due in a while so I better leave before I get a ticket.

Jess-less Day #1

8 Dec
Hmm… I guess being in Subang without Jess hasn’t gotten that much impact on me as I’ve always been around here when the two BFFs are not around. Heng’s having quite a hard time though, I guess.

Anyway, spent the whole day at Pyramid today, shopping for Chinese New Year clothes. Xinyi also promised to get each one of us something within the budget of RM200. Mom bought herself a new handbag from Guess, Boy got a pair of Adidas and I bought a new purse from Roxy tagged under Xinyi. Today wasn’t really a good shopping day cause I only managed to buy a pair of shorts and hair band while the rest of them got just a few items, not for CNY somemore, so we’re going to shop again this coming Thursday. =)

We lunched at this little shop, I forgotten what’s the name, I know something something Taiwan. Hehe. The food’s just ordinary but the price is very reasonable.

#1. Fei, Xinyi and Inn Yeow at lunch

#2. Fei and I

#3. My teh ais flavoured bubble tea

#4. Mee sua in oyster sauce (not very sedap)

#5. The shop’s famous fried chicken (very sedap indeed!!!)

#6. Today’s reward =)

Okay, gotta go get ready to teman poor Heng who’s feeling terribly lonely without Jess in Subang though I have to sacrifice my reading time.

Results of First Semester

7 Dec

I went back to dearest, oh so respected University of Malaya yesterday, just to check my results. Others usually wait until they post it up into the net but kiasu me can’t wait to know and drove all the way back. And my results?

Microeconomics- B+
Political Science-A-
Quantitative Analysis-A
Financial Management-A

I am really disappointed cause I was actually hoping for an A- at least, for Micro and an A for Political Science. I spent a lot of effort in Political Science and its supposed to be my favourite subject. And Micro, I scored 38/40 for my assignment. If it were you, I believe you will think you’re gonna get an A too, won’t you? Then again, I didn’t have enough time and left out one essay question. Just like what happened during STPM. pffftttt.

Everyone told me to just get over it and my results are considered good already but really, I was expecting so much more from myself. I know, like most of my good friends say, I have pretty high expectations at times but when its possible to achieve better results, why aim that low?? I’m seriously not trying to brag or what but its really annoying when the person who lets you down is none other than you yourself. And the kiasu me is upset cause many scored higher than me. hmph!

My mom, surprisingly, was telling me that I’ve done well and shouldn’t be upset about it and I can always pull up my pointers by scoring better next semester but she doesn’t know I was planning to do well this semester cause I’m afraid of screwing up next semester with all the college projects coming up and it’s a shorter semester. How lah, how lahhhh… *sighhh*

Taking A Break

6 Dec
I got the urge to blog out of a sudden. So here I am, taking a break, putting my new love, Twilight aside for a while after bringing it with me the whole day, reading it whenever I got the chance to do so. I even brought it with me to the saloon earlier and spent few hours reading it while waiting for Mom and Fei to get their hair cut after I got mine done.

#1. Fei’s new look

#2. Side view

I didn’t take any pictures of my new hair cut cause its nothing special or trendy like Fei’s. I’ve decided to keep my hair long, so all I did was a little trimming.

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I went and watched Twilight with a couple of friends, six to be exact. I really really like the movie a lot!!! I know how some think it was rather boring at the beginning and the action wasn’t as incredible as expected, I still like it nevertheless. But, lesson learnt, not going to sit with Joel if we’re going for another movie next time. I sat with him during ‘I am Legend’ and he was the one freaking me out before the human-eating-or-I-dunno-what-to-call things did and he spoiled all the romantic moments during ‘Twilight’ the other day. =)
But at least he’s better than the Mandrin spoken kid behind Bao Yen, who was acting like an extra narrator for the film to her friends, in Mandrin, to make things worst.

#3. With Jess and Bao, after Twilight

A day after Twilght’s outing, we went to the Ministry of Sound, Euphoria. It was my first time there. I’m not a frequent clubber, it was the third time me clubbing actually, so I was extremely excited over everything. Bao and Jess even came to my house earlier so we could all dress up together. We even planned on wearing short dresses together but I had some last minute problem so tak jadi. Hehe.

#4. Classic picture-toilet thingy

#5. Jess disturbing Karine

#6. Fei, me, Bao and Jess

#7. Me, Fei, Bao and Karine

#8. Kai Tzin and Jess

#9. Jess and I

#10. The girls

#11. Candid. hehe.

#12. Happy faces XD


#14. All hyped up

#15. Another side of Karine you seldom see in pictures

#16. Still hyper after clubbing

I bumped into a lot of long lost friends like Valerie, Kean Hoe, Ryan, Chun Han, Keen Vai and even some whom I wasn’t really keen on meeting again but let’s not say names here. =)

MOS is seriously damn nice!! Not only the ‘seafood’ population there is very littl
e, majority of the guys there are the type of good-looking guys with awfully good sense of fashion! The music that night was great and the vibrating dance floor so completed our awesome night out!! I had a great time though my feet were crying in pain. That is what happens when the thing you do with your high heels, instead of wearing them is buy then keep in the store room.

So, anyone reading this and is planning to go MOS before the 22nd this month please please invite me also okay?? =)

New Love

6 Dec
I was planning on updating about the trip to MOS, Euphoria last Thursday. I even went to Jess’s place to get the pictures from her. But, she got something else for me that’ll probably keep me busy for another day or two.

#1. The Twilight Saga

#2. First book, Twilight

Yes!! This is it! The Twilight Saga! (I’m at the first book only actually) I’m so in love with the whole thing about this vampire love story after watching the movie the other day with Kai Tzin, Joel, Bao Yen, Clement and the BFFs, especially the vampires!! Goodness, they’re so good-looking despite the very pale skin and protective in a very romantic way!!

Okay, Edward Cullen is calling out for me again. Promise to update as soon as I’m done with him.

Interesting Me

2 Dec

Something someone said just popped into my head suddenly.

I haven’t spoken to you since what, primary??

So how do you know so much about me until there are things about me for you to talk about?


Weird that you have so much time to find out about me and more to spend on talking about me.. Why not spend some time doing something more beneficial instead, maybe like studying?
Then you would have gotten better results, you know.
Then again, I’m just suggesting.
I know how interesting I can be until you can’t stop talking about me. Well, talking bad or good, it doesn’t really matter. Its still about me. HAHA!

But you know what, though I know you’re not gonna read this most likely, I do appreciate you coming up to me and tell me right at my face. Call me a b*tch, what ever. Don’t go talking behind people, oh no, that’s gossiping already, darling.

Anyway, thanks a lot again for being so interested in me. You’re such a wonderful friend. =)

p.s: This is just another random post. I don’t mean to be mean or something. Just felt like letting something out.