Taking A Break

6 Dec
I got the urge to blog out of a sudden. So here I am, taking a break, putting my new love, Twilight aside for a while after bringing it with me the whole day, reading it whenever I got the chance to do so. I even brought it with me to the saloon earlier and spent few hours reading it while waiting for Mom and Fei to get their hair cut after I got mine done.

#1. Fei’s new look

#2. Side view

I didn’t take any pictures of my new hair cut cause its nothing special or trendy like Fei’s. I’ve decided to keep my hair long, so all I did was a little trimming.

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I went and watched Twilight with a couple of friends, six to be exact. I really really like the movie a lot!!! I know how some think it was rather boring at the beginning and the action wasn’t as incredible as expected, I still like it nevertheless. But, lesson learnt, not going to sit with Joel if we’re going for another movie next time. I sat with him during ‘I am Legend’ and he was the one freaking me out before the human-eating-or-I-dunno-what-to-call things did and he spoiled all the romantic moments during ‘Twilight’ the other day. =)
But at least he’s better than the Mandrin spoken kid behind Bao Yen, who was acting like an extra narrator for the film to her friends, in Mandrin, to make things worst.

#3. With Jess and Bao, after Twilight

A day after Twilght’s outing, we went to the Ministry of Sound, Euphoria. It was my first time there. I’m not a frequent clubber, it was the third time me clubbing actually, so I was extremely excited over everything. Bao and Jess even came to my house earlier so we could all dress up together. We even planned on wearing short dresses together but I had some last minute problem so tak jadi. Hehe.

#4. Classic picture-toilet thingy

#5. Jess disturbing Karine

#6. Fei, me, Bao and Jess

#7. Me, Fei, Bao and Karine

#8. Kai Tzin and Jess

#9. Jess and I

#10. The girls

#11. Candid. hehe.

#12. Happy faces XD


#14. All hyped up

#15. Another side of Karine you seldom see in pictures

#16. Still hyper after clubbing

I bumped into a lot of long lost friends like Valerie, Kean Hoe, Ryan, Chun Han, Keen Vai and even some whom I wasn’t really keen on meeting again but let’s not say names here. =)

MOS is seriously damn nice!! Not only the ‘seafood’ population there is very littl
e, majority of the guys there are the type of good-looking guys with awfully good sense of fashion! The music that night was great and the vibrating dance floor so completed our awesome night out!! I had a great time though my feet were crying in pain. That is what happens when the thing you do with your high heels, instead of wearing them is buy then keep in the store room.

So, anyone reading this and is planning to go MOS before the 22nd this month please please invite me also okay?? =)

2 Responses to “Taking A Break”

  1. Dwee at 4:05 pm #


  2. Xin Min at 8:59 pm #

    Dwee: haha!! we’ll definitely go again when u come back kk!!

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