Results of First Semester

7 Dec

I went back to dearest, oh so respected University of Malaya yesterday, just to check my results. Others usually wait until they post it up into the net but kiasu me can’t wait to know and drove all the way back. And my results?

Microeconomics- B+
Political Science-A-
Quantitative Analysis-A
Financial Management-A

I am really disappointed cause I was actually hoping for an A- at least, for Micro and an A for Political Science. I spent a lot of effort in Political Science and its supposed to be my favourite subject. And Micro, I scored 38/40 for my assignment. If it were you, I believe you will think you’re gonna get an A too, won’t you? Then again, I didn’t have enough time and left out one essay question. Just like what happened during STPM. pffftttt.

Everyone told me to just get over it and my results are considered good already but really, I was expecting so much more from myself. I know, like most of my good friends say, I have pretty high expectations at times but when its possible to achieve better results, why aim that low?? I’m seriously not trying to brag or what but its really annoying when the person who lets you down is none other than you yourself. And the kiasu me is upset cause many scored higher than me. hmph!

My mom, surprisingly, was telling me that I’ve done well and shouldn’t be upset about it and I can always pull up my pointers by scoring better next semester but she doesn’t know I was planning to do well this semester cause I’m afraid of screwing up next semester with all the college projects coming up and it’s a shorter semester. How lah, how lahhhh… *sighhh*

2 Responses to “Results of First Semester”

  1. Dwee December 8, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

    It is okay la. It is very frustrating to get an A cause you cannot lose more than a few points. Every point counts.

    It is very good for your 1st sem liao. Some more you have to juggle so many club activities. No worries.

  2. Xin Min December 8, 2008 at 9:06 pm #

    dwee: sigh.. but i was hoping an A-.. that also i cannot get.. and this sem i wasn’t involved in activities wor.. next sem involved with two, i’m so dead.

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