Jess-less Day #1

8 Dec
Hmm… I guess being in Subang without Jess hasn’t gotten that much impact on me as I’ve always been around here when the two BFFs are not around. Heng’s having quite a hard time though, I guess.

Anyway, spent the whole day at Pyramid today, shopping for Chinese New Year clothes. Xinyi also promised to get each one of us something within the budget of RM200. Mom bought herself a new handbag from Guess, Boy got a pair of Adidas and I bought a new purse from Roxy tagged under Xinyi. Today wasn’t really a good shopping day cause I only managed to buy a pair of shorts and hair band while the rest of them got just a few items, not for CNY somemore, so we’re going to shop again this coming Thursday. =)

We lunched at this little shop, I forgotten what’s the name, I know something something Taiwan. Hehe. The food’s just ordinary but the price is very reasonable.

#1. Fei, Xinyi and Inn Yeow at lunch

#2. Fei and I

#3. My teh ais flavoured bubble tea

#4. Mee sua in oyster sauce (not very sedap)

#5. The shop’s famous fried chicken (very sedap indeed!!!)

#6. Today’s reward =)

Okay, gotta go get ready to teman poor Heng who’s feeling terribly lonely without Jess in Subang though I have to sacrifice my reading time.

2 Responses to “Jess-less Day #1”

  1. hL at 2:57 pm #

    hahahahaha thanks thanks but i think u had quite a gud time catching up with tht gang oso. tonight teman me dota??

  2. jessieloi at 8:49 pm #

    jess-less day… what the hell. hahahha. and heng is having a hard time? HAHAHAHAHA

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