Just A Short One

19 Dec

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.. Didn’t have the access to Internet as Inn Yeow didn’t come over last weekend.

Anyway, just a quick update as I’m at Old Taste Kopitiam now to register my subjects for the coming semester.

#1. Been hanging out alot with the BFFs but we’re very boring people. We do very laid back and low budget stuffs, which also means boring stuff

#2. Reading the 4th book from The Twilight Saga now, Breaking Dawn

#3. Done shopping again after the first trip and I finally found clothes for CNY!!

#4. Pesta Tionghua’s work is starting to get more stressful

#5. Went MOS Euphoria again, but this time with my secondary school bunch and it was ALOT LOT fun!!! -which I might blog about this weekend

#6. …..I can’t think of anything else and my parking ticket is gonna due in a while so I better leave before I get a ticket.

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