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Interesting Me

2 Dec

Something someone said just popped into my head suddenly.

I haven’t spoken to you since what, primary??

So how do you know so much about me until there are things about me for you to talk about?


Weird that you have so much time to find out about me and more to spend on talking about me.. Why not spend some time doing something more beneficial instead, maybe like studying?
Then you would have gotten better results, you know.
Then again, I’m just suggesting.
I know how interesting I can be until you can’t stop talking about me. Well, talking bad or good, it doesn’t really matter. Its still about me. HAHA!

But you know what, though I know you’re not gonna read this most likely, I do appreciate you coming up to me and tell me right at my face. Call me a b*tch, what ever. Don’t go talking behind people, oh no, that’s gossiping already, darling.

Anyway, thanks a lot again for being so interested in me. You’re such a wonderful friend. =)

p.s: This is just another random post. I don’t mean to be mean or something. Just felt like letting something out.