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CNY In Ipoh

29 Jan
Happy Chinese New Year!

I randomly snapped pictures while I was in Ipoh for CNY. But please take note that I was using my k55oi and I don’t have the habit of editing my pictures so expect some very low quality pictures..

Day 1 (24th Jan ’09)

#1. Ipoh Old Town

#2. HSBC

#3. Sisters in CNY mood

#4. Fei

#5. Dinner with aunts and uncles

#6. Bro waiting for the Blackjack session to start..

Day 2 (25th Jan ’09)

#7. …what we usually do at our dad’s side of the family

#8. Fei and Mom

When I say pictures, you guys must have expected the ones below right?

#9. SS pics!!!


Day 3 (26th Jan ’09)

#11. yup.. Nasi Lemak, our every-year-CNY breakfast

Guess what I like most about CNY beside buying new clothes??

#12. Ellie

#13. Sherab

#14. Xinyi with Ellie and Sophie

Yup! Meeting relatives that you’ll only get to see on CNY. You see, Sherab, Ellie and Sophie are my cousin’s kids, so I call them my half nephew and nieces. And, its the first time I meet Ellie and Sophie as their parents migrated to UK after getting married. They’re so adorable!!! They’re not shy and they know a lot of things for kids at their age!! I miss them already!!!

#15. Cousin Yiing with the sisters

#16. Mom and Fei, so red!!!

#17. Us, doing the obvious. My uncle got this huugee mirror lahh!!!

Oh! Guess what we had for CNY’s first lunch?!

#18. McD’s!! In Ipoh!! XD

#19. Even my parents enjoyed!!

And…CNY won’t be CNY without this…

#20. Need me to tell what are we doing??

#21. Aunties’ ‘bonding’ session

#22. Another group bonding

#23. Younger group bonding session

#24. My favourite!!!

Day 4 (27th Jan ’09)

#25. 2nd day of CNY is green day. =)

#26. I don’t know what is this called in English but its something that represents good luck, I think.

#27. ‘Pai lin’ session

#28. My family got a lot of bonding session one.. hehe..

#29. Cooookieeeessss

#30. With cousins

#31. As usual…


Lunch was different.. Dinner was even more surprising!! Oh, I must explain. My parents, especially my mom got this thing against fast food for unknown reasons. So, for them to eat fast food with us is surprising. For them to eat with us on CNY, its..its..I don’t know what!!!

#33. Finger lickin’ good!!!

#34. Everyone moving very fast

Day 5 (28th jan ’09)
Time to leave…

#35. Ipoh train station..

#36. Travelling became easier and more convenient

Ipoh CNY celebration over already, now left with Subang’s and then I’m going back to uni again. Sigh.

I wonder…

27 Jan

How family members can create alliances among themselves and create more drama among them…

How a couple with four kids, the oldest is in her mid 20’s, not on talking terms out of a sudden…

How some couple would still poke fun at each other, a way to bring them closer, after 25 years of marriage…

How some sibling would kiss the other sibling’s ass cause he’s rich..

How my sister and I call each other names right at our faces and still laugh about it…

How a mother would talk bad about her child (ren) behind their back…

How some mothers would go on and on about her child’s way of biting muruku with such pride…

How a grandchild would yell back at his grandmother for nagging…

while some wished theirs were still around to nag…

How some celebrated their CNY with abalone, shark’s fin’s soup, big big mushrooms…yet all of them are in bad mood..

How some had fast food with a whole lot of laughter…

How my dad won RM80 after 15 minutes.

And how I lost RM70 when my bets are at most RM5.

I seriously wonder.

26 Jan

Another Random Thing

25 Jan

Last Friday, met up with Ryui Bynn and Jessica to go see Ryui Bynn’s new house in Bukit Rimau. It is very super duper nice and cosy! The three of us spent about 4 hours there, Jess and I doing the usual stuff-talking, and Ryui Bynn gave this super long lecture to Jess on opening up and being on the stage again. Haha.

Anyway, Jess and I appear to have the same problem in university. For unknown reasons, we seemed to be misunderstood by the people in uni. People in USM think Jess excels in everything she does and she’s intimidating. And for me, people think I’m the rich, bossy, spoilt brat.

Okay, let me just explain this. Jess may excel in most of the things that she does but she’s not until the extend of intimidating others and she’s definitely more to the kind, helpful kinda person. How can someone who smiles so often, sometimes to strangers (which I think is silly) be intimidating?? Isn’t it the other way? As in, isn’t it easier to approach someone like Jess??

#1. How can someone with such a smile be hard to approach?!?
And me, spoilt? Rich?! Okay, I admit I’m a little bossy but to certain people only lah. Hehe.

I think its so unfair for people to judge us like that even before taking the time to know us better. And I’ve been trying my best to smile more after I got in Uni as my friends were telling me I don’t smile very often last time.

So please, anyone from UM who’s reading this, take some time to come and know me better first instead of judging me from a distance. I may look like I’m a little unfriendly but seriously, that one you guys gotta blame my parents. I was born with the unfriendly look, I cannot do anything about that. *nervous smile* And I may reply you guys with short answers but seriously, thats because of the language barrier.

Speaking of language barrier, I may use English most of the time but I’m also trying my best to speak in Mandrin and yes, I am ashame of my incapability to converse well in Mandrin. So do practise it more with me.

Reason I’m doing this is because I’m tired of listening to what people say about me. Although I appear to be okay about what you guys say, I feel a bit hurt actually. Cause you guys are still judging me like that though we’ve already spent one semester together. Its rather disappointing.
p.s. Sorry yah Jess, I curi-ed your pic from Facebook. Heh.

Its A Girl Thing

23 Jan

Sorry for not updating! Been really busy with Pesta Tionghua’s preparations, UM’s Chinese Society’s Concert (Da Yao), Actual Month, basketball practices and meetings. Also, I don’t know what to blog about nowadays. Its like, there’s nothing to tell, no, not nothing to tell, its just that I don’t know where to start.

Okay, I’ll try to open up one at a time. I’ll start with PTH since it has always been my number1 priority.

PTH, nothing out of the ordinary happened. But I’m glad the whole committee, at least the active ones have gotten a lot closer. That’s the whole point of organizing it anyways, so yeah, its good.

Da Yao. Its a concert whereby our own UM students compose songs and perform it themselves that night at our DTC. To be honest, I wasn’t keen to participate since the start and nope, I’m not one of the performers of course. I was in Marketing Bureau. And I didn’t do a good job cause like I mentioned I didn’t have the heart for this event at all. Let’s just say I’m bad at multi-tasking. I can only focus on one activity at one time which is PTH at the moment.

Actual Month. Another college project that I join for the sake of getting merit marks, so no need to elaborate lahh.

Basketball. We’ve been practising as much as we can but due the hectic timetable and stupid weather, the most we could do is twice a week. I’m very keen on winning so I’m not giving up yet.

So, yup. These have been keeping me busy for the past few weeks. For some reasons, I don’t know what or how to say things that I really feel already. I’ve never been like this. I used to be that kinda girl that just blahh out whatever thats troubling me and the furthest, highest emo-level I’ll go is to cry. But nope, dunno why I’m not doing any of those. In fact, I dunno whats troubling me. There’s just this weird feeling, like something heavy is resting on my chest and I can’t seem to shake it off. Or maybe its just a girl thing. Period.

A Start

8 Jan

Today is special cause today marks a start to a lot of things. For instance, its the start of my skip-class-plans for this semester. Yup, I officially skipped Law this morning cause I couldn’t force myself out of the bed. And Law is not some morning class somemore, it actually starts at 10.

Also, I had my first late evening class today. Macroeconomics, 6 till 8pm. Ya lah, I know I’m such a crybaby but I’ve never had any classes this late before! I even skipped dinner because of it!

Then, today, I finally stepped into the room where the blood donation was held and registered to be one of the donors. I’ve always wanted to do it cause those people came from University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) and not that I have anything against other hospitals, its just that thanks to their blood bank, my grandma was with us for another 5 years. So, I want to do something, sort of like to pay back.

But… I was not qualified.

I’ve always thought that I’m the most healthy among my siblings, hence I can always take part in stuffs like this but apparently my hemoglobin count in my blood isn’t enough. The nurse was telling me its normal actually, its just that they are afraid I’ll faint or something during the process. Sigh.

So, yeah, thats basically what happened today.

Me in UM

4 Jan
With them, its definitely worth to give up all the comfort I find at home

I suppose you all know I’m back at uni and despite the first few days being a little shitty, things are getting a lot better now.

I celebrated New Year’s eve in a totally different way this year. A group of us, about twenty or more, had dinner together at our own college’s mamak, Sahur. Then we went to our Dewan Tunku Canselor and did random stuffs until midnight struck. The whole point of going is to watch our pengawal keselamatan change this board that writes Universiti Malaya 2008 to 2009. I was quite surprised that my uni people are actually that efficient. Haha.

No fireworks, no snow sprays but with the funny, random bunch, it is one of the most memorable countdowns by far.

Then on New Year’s day, Louise, Elensha, Chee Ying, Stephen, Joshua, Ang and I went to Mid Valley to do a bit of shopping and to book rooms for our karaoke plan on Friday (2nd January).

On Friday, a total amount of about 17 of us, juniors and seniors got together and spent the day at Red Box, The Gardens. It was absolutely FUN FUN!!!

#1. Elensha and I, waiting for the guys

#2. Stephen, Louise, Kit Meng, Elen and Hung Tong at the bus stop

#3. Some of the guys

#4. On our way to MidV #5. Seniors who came and bergila with us

#6. Cin Yen, Amy, Emily and Siew Boon#7. HAHAHA. Our own version of ‘Complicated’

Last night, about 18 of us went to this Malam Belia Menjelang Tahun Baru Cina 2009. It was a dinner held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre with our very own deputy prime minister and a few other politicians. A few of our own local stars performed as well but honestly, we went for the free food, so there was nothing else more important to us than the food.

#8. Mak Datin Elen

#9. Datin and I

#10. A blur pic of the inside
#11. Nonsense pengarah and I

#12. Typical toilet picture

#13. Table 182 with Jimmy

A few random pictures from this morning’s Da Yao’s photo session…

#14. Elen, Me and LoOoO