Its A Girl Thing

23 Jan

Sorry for not updating! Been really busy with Pesta Tionghua’s preparations, UM’s Chinese Society’s Concert (Da Yao), Actual Month, basketball practices and meetings. Also, I don’t know what to blog about nowadays. Its like, there’s nothing to tell, no, not nothing to tell, its just that I don’t know where to start.

Okay, I’ll try to open up one at a time. I’ll start with PTH since it has always been my number1 priority.

PTH, nothing out of the ordinary happened. But I’m glad the whole committee, at least the active ones have gotten a lot closer. That’s the whole point of organizing it anyways, so yeah, its good.

Da Yao. Its a concert whereby our own UM students compose songs and perform it themselves that night at our DTC. To be honest, I wasn’t keen to participate since the start and nope, I’m not one of the performers of course. I was in Marketing Bureau. And I didn’t do a good job cause like I mentioned I didn’t have the heart for this event at all. Let’s just say I’m bad at multi-tasking. I can only focus on one activity at one time which is PTH at the moment.

Actual Month. Another college project that I join for the sake of getting merit marks, so no need to elaborate lahh.

Basketball. We’ve been practising as much as we can but due the hectic timetable and stupid weather, the most we could do is twice a week. I’m very keen on winning so I’m not giving up yet.

So, yup. These have been keeping me busy for the past few weeks. For some reasons, I don’t know what or how to say things that I really feel already. I’ve never been like this. I used to be that kinda girl that just blahh out whatever thats troubling me and the furthest, highest emo-level I’ll go is to cry. But nope, dunno why I’m not doing any of those. In fact, I dunno whats troubling me. There’s just this weird feeling, like something heavy is resting on my chest and I can’t seem to shake it off. Or maybe its just a girl thing. Period.

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