Another Random Thing

25 Jan

Last Friday, met up with Ryui Bynn and Jessica to go see Ryui Bynn’s new house in Bukit Rimau. It is very super duper nice and cosy! The three of us spent about 4 hours there, Jess and I doing the usual stuff-talking, and Ryui Bynn gave this super long lecture to Jess on opening up and being on the stage again. Haha.

Anyway, Jess and I appear to have the same problem in university. For unknown reasons, we seemed to be misunderstood by the people in uni. People in USM think Jess excels in everything she does and she’s intimidating. And for me, people think I’m the rich, bossy, spoilt brat.

Okay, let me just explain this. Jess may excel in most of the things that she does but she’s not until the extend of intimidating others and she’s definitely more to the kind, helpful kinda person. How can someone who smiles so often, sometimes to strangers (which I think is silly) be intimidating?? Isn’t it the other way? As in, isn’t it easier to approach someone like Jess??

#1. How can someone with such a smile be hard to approach?!?
And me, spoilt? Rich?! Okay, I admit I’m a little bossy but to certain people only lah. Hehe.

I think its so unfair for people to judge us like that even before taking the time to know us better. And I’ve been trying my best to smile more after I got in Uni as my friends were telling me I don’t smile very often last time.

So please, anyone from UM who’s reading this, take some time to come and know me better first instead of judging me from a distance. I may look like I’m a little unfriendly but seriously, that one you guys gotta blame my parents. I was born with the unfriendly look, I cannot do anything about that. *nervous smile* And I may reply you guys with short answers but seriously, thats because of the language barrier.

Speaking of language barrier, I may use English most of the time but I’m also trying my best to speak in Mandrin and yes, I am ashame of my incapability to converse well in Mandrin. So do practise it more with me.

Reason I’m doing this is because I’m tired of listening to what people say about me. Although I appear to be okay about what you guys say, I feel a bit hurt actually. Cause you guys are still judging me like that though we’ve already spent one semester together. Its rather disappointing.
p.s. Sorry yah Jess, I curi-ed your pic from Facebook. Heh.

One Response to “Another Random Thing”

  1. hL January 28, 2009 at 9:33 am #

    bossy to certain people like me right haha

    and i think loi smiles often when shes comfortable lah.i doubt she smiles like that to ppl she dont know. i think thats why guys think that both of you dont need a boyfriend. the ‘aura’ hahaha

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