CNY In Ipoh

29 Jan
Happy Chinese New Year!

I randomly snapped pictures while I was in Ipoh for CNY. But please take note that I was using my k55oi and I don’t have the habit of editing my pictures so expect some very low quality pictures..

Day 1 (24th Jan ’09)

#1. Ipoh Old Town

#2. HSBC

#3. Sisters in CNY mood

#4. Fei

#5. Dinner with aunts and uncles

#6. Bro waiting for the Blackjack session to start..

Day 2 (25th Jan ’09)

#7. …what we usually do at our dad’s side of the family

#8. Fei and Mom

When I say pictures, you guys must have expected the ones below right?

#9. SS pics!!!


Day 3 (26th Jan ’09)

#11. yup.. Nasi Lemak, our every-year-CNY breakfast

Guess what I like most about CNY beside buying new clothes??

#12. Ellie

#13. Sherab

#14. Xinyi with Ellie and Sophie

Yup! Meeting relatives that you’ll only get to see on CNY. You see, Sherab, Ellie and Sophie are my cousin’s kids, so I call them my half nephew and nieces. And, its the first time I meet Ellie and Sophie as their parents migrated to UK after getting married. They’re so adorable!!! They’re not shy and they know a lot of things for kids at their age!! I miss them already!!!

#15. Cousin Yiing with the sisters

#16. Mom and Fei, so red!!!

#17. Us, doing the obvious. My uncle got this huugee mirror lahh!!!

Oh! Guess what we had for CNY’s first lunch?!

#18. McD’s!! In Ipoh!! XD

#19. Even my parents enjoyed!!

And…CNY won’t be CNY without this…

#20. Need me to tell what are we doing??

#21. Aunties’ ‘bonding’ session

#22. Another group bonding

#23. Younger group bonding session

#24. My favourite!!!

Day 4 (27th Jan ’09)

#25. 2nd day of CNY is green day. =)

#26. I don’t know what is this called in English but its something that represents good luck, I think.

#27. ‘Pai lin’ session

#28. My family got a lot of bonding session one.. hehe..

#29. Cooookieeeessss

#30. With cousins

#31. As usual…


Lunch was different.. Dinner was even more surprising!! Oh, I must explain. My parents, especially my mom got this thing against fast food for unknown reasons. So, for them to eat fast food with us is surprising. For them to eat with us on CNY, its..its..I don’t know what!!!

#33. Finger lickin’ good!!!

#34. Everyone moving very fast

Day 5 (28th jan ’09)
Time to leave…

#35. Ipoh train station..

#36. Travelling became easier and more convenient

Ipoh CNY celebration over already, now left with Subang’s and then I’m going back to uni again. Sigh.

3 Responses to “CNY In Ipoh”

  1. Florence January 30, 2009 at 7:56 pm #

    I had dinner during CNY at KFC too! hahaha.
    And helloo. Since when is my surname Tan ah! pfft. lol.

  2. Xin Min January 30, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    florence: really?? where u celebrated CNY?? haha.. Aiyoh! I put ‘Tan’ ah?? Very very sorry!!

  3. chelsea February 5, 2009 at 10:03 pm #

    Da*N you! Why are all the pictures of me posted are so candid one? Ish Ish!

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