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27 Feb

Sorry for not updating for so long. Been really busy with everything. Even now, I’m actually supposed to be studying, but I need a break.

Things here has been really packed. Pesta Tiong Hua is in about 11 days and for some reasons, or maybe its actually normal, a lot of problems start to surface now. I expected an event like this to have its downs and all but I wished all these happened earlier. I mean, why now. When my assignments are all due about the same time and I haven’t prepared a single thing.

This semester is really different. For the first time, I sit in a class, and try my very best to keep up with the lecturer but to no avail, I get more lost than before. And this thing keeps going on and on, meaning things that I don’t understand keep piling up. I don’t know what to do with it. I know I should start doing my own revisions but I really really can’t find the time to do so. People all tell me I should prioritize my academic but its not as easy as they say. I can’t concentrate at all when I don’t get my PTH things done.

And my presentations. I recently got one done in half an hour’s time. I hated it but there was nothing I can do.

Not forgetting my assignments. If you’ve been following my previous posts, I mentioned I’ve been doing it at the very last minutes. Guess what. I’m still doing last minute work. And I recently started to sort of copy them.

I don’t know whats wrong, really. I know I should be doing studying and all but I’m doing all the opposites. I just enjoy the process of making PTH a success so much, I don’t have the heart to study or do anything else anymore. And yes, this includes scouting for ‘potential’ guys. See! Something’s really wrong with me!

I feel so confused. I don’t know if its worth for me to do all these.

Another Hectic Week

8 Feb
First week after CNY break in college was eventful! When I got back, the first thing that I look forward to was attending the Chinese Club (CCC)’s reunion dinner. I got some of the pictures from Louise’s phone. Most of it are in Elensha’s camera. See if I can get it anytime soon, k?

4th February `09
CCC Reunion Dinner
Flaming Steamboat Sunway

#1. Fishball feast

#2. Cheers to fishballs!

#3. Elen, as excited as always, with the others =)

#4. Elen and Belle

#5. Mandy with her chocolate sticks

#6. Andrew calling for everyone’s attention and obviously, he failed..

#7. Group pic!

Did I mention the seniors gave out ang paus too? How nice of them right!! And the best part is they didn’t give us money, instead they took the time and effort to prepare individual messages for each one of us! *wet eyes*

#8. Ah Kok, Ah Chai and Pak Koon with ang paus from seniors

#9. Steph, Me, Belle and Kin Wai

#10. Juin, Belle and Looo

Then, the next day, Thursday, we had meeting among the PTH’s MT. MT is what we call the board of directors. So yeah, though it wasn’t official, we still had a pretty long brain storming session.

I went and watched the guy’s basketball match the next day and it was really exciting! I don’t know why I was so nervous about it when I’m not even the player. Though my college lost, I think they put up a good fight. The score wasn’t that close but if you were there and you know a bit about basketball, you’ll know what I mean. I hope the girls will have that kind of spirit some of the guys had since some of them had to sacrifice Valentine’s celebration for it.

Finally, just yesterday, I went to the Jenjarom with the Buddhist Society of University of Malaya.

7th February `09
FGS Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern and Flora Festival
Jenjarom, Kuala Langat

#11. Coll mates who went




So, thats pretty much what happened last week in college. Gotta start on my assignmentS now. Yes, I’m doing it last minute again. Wish me luck!

Busy, busy..

5 Feb
I’m finally back at UM again and the time table has gotten hectic again. I got Hubungan Etnik’s assignment due on 10th March,which is PTH night, KKM’s test next week, Macroeconomics’s assignment due next week, and Statistics second assignment due the week after and basketball competition on 14th February. Yes, on Valentine’s. I’m not affected at all though since I’m date-less anyway on that oh-so-special day. In fact, I can make fun of people who were supposed to go on romantic dates but end up stuck with the match with me. *wide grin*

Okay, I gotta go and start on my Macroeconomics now. Will update soon on my Chinese Club reunion dinner. =)

CNY In Subang

1 Feb
A post with mostly pictures cause I lazy wanna write so much.

3rd Day of CNY (28th Jan ’09)

Jess’s 21st birthday celebration.

#1. Bao, Loi, Me and Cass

#2. The form6 bunch with Fook Siang

4th Day of CNY (29th Jan ’09)

Gathering at Cass’s house.

#3. Heng bullying Jess as usual =)

#4. All cosy and nice in Cass’s room

#5. Heng with his favourite pose

#6. Still sober

#7. Drink! Drink!!

#8. the mabuk Cass with her boyfriend who is also my next-door-neighbour

5th Day of CNY (30th Jan ’09)

Still at Cass’s house

#9. Cass: is it morning already? what happened last night? where’s my bed sheet? why is my hair so sticky???

#10. yes Jess, we know you’re not only cute but also smartt..

#11. Heng actually looks nicer here cause the photographer got some skills. Heh.

Sigh. Tomorrow’s going to be the last day of the holidays already. I really hate moments like this, the going-back-to-uni part after a long holiday. Not that I’m not enjoying myself in Uni but I miss my BFFs the most at times like this. Sigh..

One Last Chance?

1 Feb
I was having a small gathering at home with some relatives and friends when Pei Ling called. She called to inform my Statistics assignment dues on Tuesday, which is the first day of class after the CNY break.
I haven’t even read the questions though they distributed the work since the second week of lecture. I don’t keep up with dates, I keep thinking 5th February is a long way to go. Now, they even brought the dateline forward.
I’m very disappointed with myself cause I don’t usually do such last minute work. And I finally realised I was really distracted since this semester started and I haven’t been concentrating in class. I’ve got a test coming up in just a few weeks time. Whats gotten into me?!?? I am feeling really upset now cause I feel like I’m starting to wander off the path I’m supposed to be walking on. I need to get back on track. Please. To whomever up there who hears me, I’m promising You now that I’ll study hard after this. Just give me enough time to finish my assignment. I can’t afford to lose any marks. Please!!!
Edited: Just found out that I still got chance in finishing the assignment. Thanks to a friend who was there to lend me a helping hand (more like his copy of assignment)
And I got mixed feelings now. Both my BFFs are going back to Uni again in a few hours and I’m missing them already but I’m really, seriously super happy for ‘her’. *big hug!*