27 Feb

Sorry for not updating for so long. Been really busy with everything. Even now, I’m actually supposed to be studying, but I need a break.

Things here has been really packed. Pesta Tiong Hua is in about 11 days and for some reasons, or maybe its actually normal, a lot of problems start to surface now. I expected an event like this to have its downs and all but I wished all these happened earlier. I mean, why now. When my assignments are all due about the same time and I haven’t prepared a single thing.

This semester is really different. For the first time, I sit in a class, and try my very best to keep up with the lecturer but to no avail, I get more lost than before. And this thing keeps going on and on, meaning things that I don’t understand keep piling up. I don’t know what to do with it. I know I should start doing my own revisions but I really really can’t find the time to do so. People all tell me I should prioritize my academic but its not as easy as they say. I can’t concentrate at all when I don’t get my PTH things done.

And my presentations. I recently got one done in half an hour’s time. I hated it but there was nothing I can do.

Not forgetting my assignments. If you’ve been following my previous posts, I mentioned I’ve been doing it at the very last minutes. Guess what. I’m still doing last minute work. And I recently started to sort of copy them.

I don’t know whats wrong, really. I know I should be doing studying and all but I’m doing all the opposites. I just enjoy the process of making PTH a success so much, I don’t have the heart to study or do anything else anymore. And yes, this includes scouting for ‘potential’ guys. See! Something’s really wrong with me!

I feel so confused. I don’t know if its worth for me to do all these.

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  1. hL February 27, 2009 at 7:50 pm #

    its ok min pth wont last forever. once ur done with it u can catch up with all the work uve not done. hopefully still sempat.

    and guys wont run away la dont worry hahaha

  2. Xin Min February 28, 2009 at 1:20 pm #

    hL: Hopefully it won’t be too late for me to catch up with things after next week. PTH is next week. =) thanks Heng, I know guys won’t run away, but scared they are taken after I’m done with all these…

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