Trip to the Gym

22 Mar
Yes, the title says it all. There are a few things that the Choong sisters haven’t done together before and yes, going to the gym or to simply exercise together is one of it. This is because oldest Choong has this super strong laziness in her until walking is already an exercise to her. And I’m not talking about breeze walk here. -.-

So, Fei had two extra free passes and since all three of us were in the mood to keep fit, we decided to try True Fitness. We were so ‘semangat’ we actually sort of dressed up to go to the gym. Haha. Well, I was more like I had to wear what I wore cause all my clothes are in uni.

Anyway, got there about 9pm, a very super short session with one of the people in True Fitness and off we went to WORK OUT! Haha.

Started off with 20 minutes on the treadmill and then we went and try other facilities after that. The place was rather empty so the three of us tried a bit of everything for a while. I don’t like working out at the gym though. For me, it’s a little boring to jog at the same spot and sweating in an air conditioned place feels rather weird. I prefer basketball games or trainings. =)

Spent about an hour plus then we decided to go cause I was complaining about the boredom and Old Choong is already sleepy (it was 10.30pm only). But of course, we camwhored a little first at the changing room. Hehe.

#1. While waiting for the registration…
Old Choong sempat bring small towel somemore, just to look more semangat-ed -.-

#2. Fei was the only one who enjoyed herself

#3. Girls will be girls…

#4. Fei, Old Choong, Me XD

#5. My super syok-sendiri adik

#6. XinMin and XinFei

P/S: I call my older sister Old Choong cause I must remind people she’s the oldest. Everyone thinks she’s the youngest! That fella in True Fitness was shocked to see her I/C number…

“You were borned in 198*? I thought your I/C is going to start with 93 or something!”

Damn exaggerated. -.-

A pretty fun experience. =)

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