Moments Like These…

28 Mar
I’m feeling super happy right now so I decided to post a few pictures here first though most of the candid, funny ones are still with Elensha.

25th March ’09
Choir Competition

#1. LoOoO and I

#2. Elen and I

#3. With Hung Tong and Juin

#4. The wonder woman who made me pretty that night, Po Lian =)

#5. Loo, helping Elen with the mascara

#6. With Lemon Boy (inside joke)

#7. Elen, Joshua and I

#8. With Hyma

#8. With Pak Koon, who look better that night cause his make up was done by me! XD

27th March ’09

CC Nite

Hawaii Themed

#9. Belle, Hung Tong, Me and Louise posing at my faculty’s long long staircase

#10. I really like this pic tho my thighs look huuggee here!!! XD

#11. US

#12. Best picture taken with Pak Koon so far.. XD

#13. Jozefin look so adorable here!!!

#14. The informal emcee who ‘merajuk’ cause everyone was camwhoring instead of paying attention to him

#15. aiyah.. don’t so kecil hati lahhh.. XD

#16. …dunno what to say.. we like to do kissing poses lahhh

Lastly, I present to you….

CC (Chinese Club) Queen of Year 2009






2 Responses to “Moments Like These…”

  1. elen at 12:46 am #

    THANK YOU XIN MIN.. n not to forget.. BIG HOW for promoting.. n FRIENDS who voted ^^

  2. Xin Min at 2:04 am #

    elen: Haha!! You deserved the title lahh.. XD But since now that your market value just increased somemore, if u ever find a rich lengchai boyfriend with a car rememeber to bring me out also!! XD

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