To study or to not study?

18 Apr
Yes, I know I should be studying right now but I am so addicted to going online, I need to online for at least an hour a day now.
And I felt like blogging since this afternoon, so yes, I am going to crap again.

I studied right after lunch and dinner today. Very productive cause I just started on my Hubungan Etnik today and I’m left with only four more chapters! I actually allocated another two more days to complete it but since I’m almost done (going to complete it after this) I’m going to have more time to revise on my Macro!!

But, the problem is, I still got Law, Public Administration and Statistics to revise on.

I’m only half way, no, quarter-way through Law.

About the same for Stats.

And nothing at all for Public Administration.
I don’t even attend this subject’s classes cause the teaching materials are all in English but the lecturer lectures in BM.

And no one gets any form of knowledge from him, the only thing we might get from him would be his saliva cause he sprays saliva as he speaks.

Anyway, random pictures ahead…

#1. In my hostel’s study room, or better known as Bilik Bacaan (BB)

#2. Hehe. Not bad kan, my table quite neat kan!
#3. I know how random this seems but this phone has a story of its own.. XD
#4. …what…I’m proud of my notes ok!!
#5. Something to help keep us awake..
#6. *ahem* Looks like the chocs aren’t really helping
#7. Chai’s been working really hard for finals…
…ok lah, I made him pose one actually. XD
Shit. Should I continue studying or go to sleep and wake up early to finish it tomorrow morning cause I’m a bit tired now?

2 Responses to “To study or to not study?”

  1. jessieloi April 18, 2009 at 2:38 pm #

    your bilik bacaan is air conditioned??!?!!? omg jealousnyaa.

    they should have such concept here la. it’s freaking hot right now in penang.

  2. Xin Min April 18, 2009 at 7:24 pm #

    jessieloi: yup yup. air conditioned. but only one out of three working now.. if not it’ll be freezzing cold one. hehe! its damn hot in KL also!!!!

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