27 Apr
I’m back!!!

No, I don’t mean that I haven’t been updating enough or something but the ‘me’ I thought I lost earlier is back!!

I know what I want and how am I going to get it.

A big thank you to friends who supported me when I was down.

And not forgetting Xinyi, Fei, Mom and the rest at home who are always there to cheer me up through short visits with apples and Twisties, phone calls or even SMSes. I’m glad I didn’t go too far away from home.

Will update on the random trips I went during the exam week soon.

Oh yah, someone else is back too!! Guess who?

I’ll give you guys some clues…

She’s short and loves to call herself adorable but we prefer to label her as a dumb black.


Yes.. This full of nonsense girl is back.. XD

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