17th-27th April 2009

30 Apr
Remember I mentioned I was going to blog about the random trips/things/outings I did/went during the exam week?

I realized I didn’t consistently take pictures everyday cause

everything was so routined that week. And it’s the same group of people;
Chai, Pak Koon, Ang, Louise, Elen, Wei Kuan and me.

We’ll wake up around noon then meet at the dining hall (Dewan Makan, DM) at 12.30pm then lunch then we’ll all walk to the library (on weekdays) or other studying spots then we’ll spend the whole day there then leave around 6pm for dinner and some time for ourselves then meet up again at 8pm then study until we’re sleepy, usually around 4 or 5 in the morning.

Hardworking leh?

Hehe. But, of course we fit in fun whenever we can (which is quite often cause Louise and Ah Chai are happy people when they are together, wtf).

Pictures from some special days cause got some reasons which I forgotten what that made me feel like taking pictures. Haha.

19th April 2009
Louise wasn’t back yet.
Went walking around UM with Elensha cause I’ve never been to the varsity lake

What? That lake is far lah!

#1. During the day we were at Dataran Za’ba, doing the obvious.

We really didn’t pose ok!

We bumped into Allen on our way to the lake.
He was going around UM taking pictures as he’s leaving back to UNIMAS soon.
We decided to walk together, the more the merrier!!
#2. Elensha, on our way to DTC

#3. DTC…

#4. …also got exam mood

#4. Elen

Oh oh!!! There was actually a small pond in front of DTC with a LOOOOT of nice fishes!
I know lah, UM people sure say I outdated but who goes to the DTC for fun just to see if they have fishes. *defensive*

#5. Fishies in the surprisingly clear pond/pool/whatever you call it lah =)

#6. Elen & Allen

20th-26th April 2009
The Nothing-Special-So-We-SS Days

#7. Chai

#8. Before, After

#9. Ang, the most hardworking one

#10. For some reasons I like taking pictures of her!! XD

Oh, picture #11 got story one!
Chai was having a hard time studying his notes
cause he claimed that they were too boring so we decorated it!!!
27th April 2009
KL Outing Day
To buy Chai and Pak Koon’s bus tickets

#12. Lemon Boy

#13. Boss, sedekah-lah, boss

#14. Ok! I give up!

#15. Lai lai, pegang tangan.. Takut nanti kena culik la har…

#16. The famous Cat Eye Drink in Petaling Street

#17. Lost child in Pudu Bus Station

#18. Loo and I

I look kinda naked in picture #18, wtf.
Cannot blame me ok…
I got no more clothes to wear cause it was the end of the week already.
Belum basuh baju. Hehe.

So yup, that pretty much wraps up my exam week for the second semester. I’m only home for two days and I miss college already.. *sigh*

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