Changed Person

30 Apr

This post is seriously random and unplanned. As usual, I spent the whole day surfing the net and since it is the third day, I am seriously getting sick of the Internet.

Just now, the BFF from Penang sent me an MMS. After some configuration thing-y, my phone can now retrieve MMS-es!!!

But, that is not the reason why I blogged. Thing is, Loi sent me this…
I am officially a, what they call, Buta IT.

I have no idea why that picture turns out terbalik. I tried rotating, editing over and over again but it still ends up like this.

Turns your heads around or turn your screens 180 degrees or simply edit it yourself lahh.


He told me he was going to dye his hair earlier, red somemore and I kept telling him not to do it.

Thank God it is not as bad as I thought. But according to him it’s because he’s in indoors that’s why it is not that bright.

His hair is one thing. I am sort of freaking out because of his pose also, wtf wtf wtf.

Since when you learn to take such pictures, Heng?!?!?!

With someone else’s phone some more!!

Labuan changed my BFF. *sobs* Give him back!!! XD
Can’t wait for you guys to be back so I can make fun of Heng. =)

3 Responses to “Changed Person”

  1. hL April 30, 2009 at 7:05 pm #

    ‘changed person’ XDXDXD hahahaha

    i changed my hairstyle and the taking pictures were a result of yours and loi’s training so you should be proud k!

  2. jessieloi May 1, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    excuuuse me. why is everyone giving me credits/blaming me for their ss-ness?!?

    hahahah why your gambar terbalik hahahaha!

  3. Xin Min May 1, 2009 at 12:49 pm #

    hL: You ARE a CHANGED PERSON!!!!
    Hahaha.. Seriously… Everyone is blaming Loi for their SS-ness..

    Loi: Hahaha!!! Cause you’re the most SS, duh!!

    Alah!! I don’t know lahh.. I tried to do everything edi.. Still like this!!!

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