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No Fair!!

15 Apr

My finals starts this Friday and I’m not even half way through my syllabus. So, I decided to come home cause I know I will have to study when I’m at home.

But just not when I called Pak Koon, I heard the noise behind and the very familiar voices…



I feel so sour out of a sudden. *eat lemon wtf* I know it doesn’t exactly apply this way, this term I mean but I’m trying to say the feeling lah. ISH. Damn tak puas.

Can’t blame them though. I should have known this would happen cause they have been blowing water a lot lately. Last night spent about 6 hours on solid talking. Haha!

Oh, what is blow water?

Its direct translation from a term in cantonese, “chui sui”. Haha. It means something like talk nonsense or crapping or somewhere there. =)

Ok, I got to attend to my Macro now. I don’t start any sooner then I’m so gonna screw my papers.

For the one in Labuan…

14 Apr
Its someone’s big day today!
And this someone is really special to me.
We’ve known each other for more than 3 years now.
3 years, not really that long but somehow, we managed to bond.
We even tried going out together but nah, our friendship is definitely more enjoyable than that.
So, who said a guy and a girl can never be just friends? =)

Together, we went to Port Dickson with a few others and that was the trip that brought us closer. Thank God you a bit thick faced that time and said you wanted to join us yourself. Hehe.

#1. PD trip
Our schooling days. How can I not mention them. Haha. This BFF happened to be my classmate too. Who disturbs me during Maths all the time. Ish.

Together, we skipped classes to collect newspapers,

#2. Newspaper collection days

Went on random school trips together,

#3. FRIM trip

Bullied Loi together at times, usually Loi and I bully him one

#4. US

Then, we graduated from school.

And spent almost every night together with Loi during that 6 months break.

Random trips to the shopping mall,

#5. With the super SS midget BFF from U.S.


#6. By the i-forgot-what-is-the-name beach
#7. In the airplane on the way back to KL

And CLUBS!!!

#8. woohoo~~~ I miss clubbing with you guys..

Then finally, the BFFs had to be separated. I know, I know, I should be at Labuan with you.. its not my fault I’m the…okay, not going to repeat that line again. XD

When I was at the airport to send you off, I really felt like crying. Its not fair for you guys to leave me alone here. Subang’s not the same without you guys.
But, I managed to hold back and kacau you. I know you don’t like emo girls. Hehe.

#9. SEE!! I was still smiling!! =)

Anyway, Heng, happy 21st! Hope you’ll have a great celebration there in Labuan that most probably involves liquor, so do take care of yourself k. Loi and I not there to jaga you so you better behave. =)
And please put an end to your singledom so that I’ll get a free meal Loi and I can stop worrying about you.
And, Heng, I know how ignorant I can be at times especially when I’m busy, so I’m sorry if I disappear every now and then. I may not call or SMS but that doesn’t mean I no longer care about you guys. You still must SMS to update me on Labuan k!!!
Lastly, happy 21st birthday again dear BFF. Miss you loads! *HUGS*

Pictures that make me smile everytime I see them. Hope they brightened up your day too!

p.s. I curi-ed these pics from FB. Hehe. So, thank you Jess and Dr
ey for tagging!!


11 Apr
#1. My short ah sou, Loi and I

#2. Us

#3. Us again.. =)

#4. With HENG!

I miss the BFFs badly.

I think it’s because I’m back at Subang.


I can imagine Audrey screaming “Why you go post pics of me looking like that???” already. =)

The Last Gathering

9 Apr

Every clubs have their meetings and for CCC, we call them family gatherings cause the concept of CCC is more towards family relationship, whereby seniors will be first year’s parents, grandparents and for some lucky family, they have great grandparents too ( I call ‘Ah Zhor’ here).

So yea, last night was the last one for this year. It was PTH’s celebration, the routined birthday celebrations, and final year seniors’ farewell as well. Then, towards the end, they played back the multimedia that was shown to us in the first family gathering. Somehow, it left me with quite a big impact. When I first saw it about a year ago, I had no idea what the seniors were doing, and even found them acting pretty lame and SS. But last night, I laughed really hard to their jokes.
And I came to realise, its really coming to an end.

The first year in uni.. Its ending in a few weeks.

And I am pretty excited actually, to see what is going to happen next semester.
With all the juniors, I’m sure the guys are going to start grooming themselves up during the holidays to impress those poor lil’ ‘mui mui chai’.. Hehe.

And I’m most excited about the husband-wife thingy they do in CCC.

You see, second years will be paired up as husband and wife (ves) to become parents to the juniors.

Haha. I myself am hoping Ang and Loo Loo will remain in the same family and become a couple. Can’t wait to see them fighting and quarreling like those married couples in comedies. HAHA.

But, unfortunately, some of us might not get to stay next semester due to the limited spaces in 3rd. *sigh*
I do hope most of the ones who really wants to stay will stay. ‘Blowing water’ sessions will be so different without any of them. *sigh*
And seniors who will be graduating this semester… *sigh* Its a good thing of course that you guys are finally graduating.. But I’m going to miss you guys.. Adrian, Siew Li, Yee Chia and the rest.. *sigh*
And what if I don’t get to stay??? *SIGHHH*

Anyway, to get to the next sem, I now have to deal with my finals first.
I better stop now cause I’m going to have a test in an hour.
Wish me luck!!

I Hate.

7 Apr

I don’t know why I’m feeling rather low lately.. Not exactly unhappy but I just can’t crack up silly jokes and laugh about them, those sort of thing these few days…

Even just now, a few friends and I went for ABC and keropok lekor again but I wasn’t really in the mood to talk… For what reasons, I seriously don’t know..

Anyway, the whole point of putting this up is not only to make me feel just slightly better for letting this out but to say sorry in advance too, to my uni friends. I might be a little bad tempered or not exactly in the mood to be crazy so I’m saying sorry in advance if I do upset you guys.

I hate expectations. I hate goals. I hate. I hate. I hate.
I hate myself for setting such high goals for myself and not having the semangat to work hard and achieve them. I hate.
I hate myself for being so concern about everything and everyone when people think I’m being plain kepoh.
I hate myself for not finding a way out to get out of this hate-feeling.


4 Apr

I don’t always get to spot the right guy. Like what Heng says, somehow, I just choose the wrong guys to like..

But nope, not this time.

When I got to know him better, I knew he was the one.

The one I’ve always dreamed for.

I’ve always disliked to walk alone and this semester, I walk to classes alone most of the time.

But thank God for him, cause he make my walks so enjoyable. Listening to his voice never fails to make me feel warm and calm.

And when I’m all alone somewhere, all I have to do is to search for his name in my phone and…everything just falls into place.

Thank You for fitting him into my life or else…or else I don’t know what is life about….?


But WHY???

Why are You doing this to me???

I don’t get the chance to see him often and You’re making such arrangements??

Its not fair!!!

Why he has to come on May 2nd this year?!!!

No fair, no fair, no fair!!!

I wanna go LeeHom’s concert!!!!! *sob sob sob*

Mission 002

1 Apr
Date : 1 April ’09
Venue : 7th Residential College, UM
Task : To blow water, eat ABC & keropok lekor!!!

Local delicacies.. *yum yum*


10.22 PM

Team Members:

Tong Tong

Die hard fan of DBSK (or something like that) and Twilight
Ada jalan dengan *ahem ahem* punya lah hah.. XD

Khar Khee

Treasurer of PTH
Very careful with money (in other words kiamsap) PTH money that is.. =)

Loo Loo

-I don’t think she needs anymore introduction right?-
Ang Ang
Sampat coursemate of mine
Well known for misusing his tongue *ahem*
Lun Lun
CC Queen!!!
Juin (pronounced as Ju-eeen)
Annabelle look alike
Well known for her not-so-sampat-before-but-now-sudah-corrupted XD
and, last but not least…
Well, this time mission’s pretty ordinary but still fun!! Ang was trying to win Juin’s heart cause recently he regained his eye sight and realised there are other pretty, TALLER girls in 3rd. Hehe. Anyway, random pictures ahead…
Ang: AH!!! Juin’s seating beside me!!! XD

Ang: Come, Juin, let me feed you..

Juin: Haha.. Er…

Juin: I take myself lah k..

Ang: Woi… Another one treat me eat lemon. Down.

Ang: Nevermind, I got Loo Loo

Louise: Excuse me. Don’t come so near me lor..

Ah Chai, Chai Xu Kang and Joshua came later and shared their ‘taxi experience’. It was really funny at that moment but to think back, it is pretty scary if girls were to be passengers of that stupid driver.

Ok, before I go, try guessing what is this…

p/s: I’m falling more in love with LeeHom! ‘Heart Beat’ is super nice!