Bye Bye Second Semester…

11 May
Second semester of my first year in University of Malaya is finally done. 
It is my first short semester and there were so many events going on this semester, so I think I sort of screwed up in my finals. Nothing can be done now, so no use crying over spilled milk.
Anyway, a few pictures of some really memorable events this semester.
#1. Opposite DTC

#1. Opposite DTC

It was first of January 2009 and nope, I didn’t celebrate at any happening countdowns.

I was in uni that time and went somewhere near my Dewan Tunku Chancelor, to watch the guards change the above board to year 2009.

Pretty lame, I know but it was loads of fun!

Let’s just say we are pretty simple people. Lame jokes and a few good comedians are enough to make us all happy. =)

#2. English Class
#2. English Class

 I had this subject called English for Professional Writing Skills, or something like that this semester and my lecturer, Miss Steffi is nothing but fun!

I think it is because she’s younger compared to the other lecturers (she’s a Masters student) so she used different ways to approach us in class.

The picture above, most of us were in shades of red as it was Valentine’s Day Eve. She set red as the theme of the day.

Try guessing which one is Miss Steffi.


#3. Actual Month Committee Members

I was one of the committees for Actual Month.

I wasn’t really active but the director of this project, Kuppu is a really nice person.

She made everyone happy working together. We even got free t-shirts! =)


#4. Players and supporters

I was in the college basketball team and competed in SUKMUM.

We only won one round and that was because the opponent didn’t turn up but we had loads of fun!

For the first time, I scored in a game!

Three shots in a row!

But after that the opponent team sent their player to guard me and I couldn’t do much after that.


#5. Our trademark pose

Then it was MAK. I wrote a post about this earlier, so not gonna elaborate further.


#6. PTH's one of a kind poster. Credits to Ben Ong


#7. Female MTs

Then it was PTH. Yes, how can I not talk about PTH again.

So much memories from PTH, really wonderful ones they are.. *sigh*

Like the illegal poster Ben designed for us at the very last minutes. It was indeed different and I also agree that posters should be done like this.

No point setting strict formats for us to follow. In the end, posters that are produced all look the same. They don’t serve much purpose anymore.

And the trip to the temple with the MTs. =)

Goodness, I was so exhausted that day cause I didn’t sleep the night before. Was finishing the gimmick with Sue.

In the end, the gimmick only lasted for minutes then it went back stage again.

And I was the one who tore everything apart after the event.

#3. Part of Golden Dragon Fish Family

#8. Part of the 'Jin Long Yu' family

Yes, CC Night is definitely one of the highlights of sem 2.

I campaigned for my dear buddy Elensha and she won CC Queen in the end.

Not because of my campaign of course, she is a very nice and likeable girl in 3rd!


#9. Choir Group of 3rd College

Choir competition. Haha!

This is definitely memorable cause it is my first time singing again, in a choir competition since almost 10 years ago.

Yes, I was once in the school choir when I was in primary school. Can’t remember which one though.

So Clem, I do know how to sing one ok. You don’t remember only. Hehe!

So yeah, I’m done with second semester, my first year in uni.

How time flies.

I’m going to be a senior when uni starts again.



3 Responses to “Bye Bye Second Semester…”

  1. Belle May 13, 2009 at 11:02 pm #

    Actually the T-shirts weren’t free… i think… you got back money from them edi meh??

    • Xin Min May 14, 2009 at 2:50 pm #

      Hmm.. Yea hor.. Speaking of the money.. I asked LooLoo actually cause I think I haven’t get back but she said get back edi wor.. I cannot really remember also.. =)

      • Belle May 14, 2009 at 5:50 pm #

        i haven’t gotten mine back.. so yea… haha..

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