X-Men, Buddies and…sigh?

15 May



X-Men Origins was awesome!! I seriously don’t know why so many complained about the show. It has such a nice plot, Hugh Jackman is SOOO hot, with his super nice, well built, make-every-normal-girl-go-goo-goo-gaa-gaa body, the effects are nice also and everything is just nice lahh!

One thing I cannot really accept is that they used Ryan Reynolds as the villain in the end and I keep picturing the fun daddy figure he played in ‘Definitely, Maybe’ so I was laughing when he came out.

And Will.I.Am. Haha! I keep imagining him singing, “I got it from my mama~~” when he was disappearing and all. XD

Those are seriously very minor problems and it was just me cause Audrey had no idea what was I talking about. And someone as picky as that girl enjoyed the movie too!

Anyways, so yes, I went out with them; Heng, Loi (YES! SHE JUST GOT BACK!!!), Ryui Bynn, and the fussy princess, Audrey.

It was fun and relaxing, as usual. And hokkien mee… Yum yum!!

Geez.. The thoughts of going back college tonight is making me all tensed already.

Despite the fact that it has been a year, I still find it hard to go back college after coming home for a long holiday. Not that university is not fun, it’s just that there are certain things at home that you’ll miss when you’re not around. *sigh* And my lepak kaki’s are all back somemore. *sigh sigh* And I haven’t eat enough pork somemore. *sigh sigh sigh* And the weather’s so hot, how to sleep without air con. *sigh sigh sigh sigh*

I better stop now before this post is filled with sigh’s. *sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh*

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