PM camp so far…

26 May
Hello people! I’m back to update again!

The food we’re eating is just…let’s just say it is not that appetizing. Third college’s food is indeed better than other colleges in UM.

The rats issue. Hmm.. I don’t know to talk about it or not cause I’m afraid of reminding the rats that I am afraid of them and they will appear again.

Okay, they migrated I think to somewhere else (Thank God!!!). I sealed all the openings in my room though, just in case. =)

So, I realised I haven’t really showed you guys what we do in this camp. Facebook’s got most of the pictures but I’ll explain things better here.

The first few days of camp was a little troublesome but somewhat fun in a way.

We had to cook meals on our own cause our college’s kitchen is under renovation and the arrangements to menumpang makan at another college were still being arranged so yea, we bought raw materials then cooked ourselves. =)

#4. Preparing the needed items for our dinner

#1. Preparing the needed items for our dinner

Yup! Everyone helped out, even Malar. She barely knew how to hold a knife before this but now she cuts onion and garlics as good as the blender!


#2. Kalai, Malar and Darren helping out with the cooking...

Some helped with the preparations…
#3. Kak Simaa, Chai, Pak Koon & Kalai

#3. Kak Simaa, Chai, Pak Koon & Kalai

Some cooked rice…
#5. Zaim, Shukri & Laila

#4. Zaim, Shukri & Laila

Some (the ones who know how to cook) took charge of the cooking of course. =)

Except Khairun. Look closely and you can see she actually jumped back after pouring the things into the wok. Haha!

#6. Getting dinner ready
#5. Getting dinner ready

While some posed for me when I was going around with the camera…

#2. Khamisa and Khairun

#6. Khamisa and Khairun

#6. The two posers
#7. The two posers

Then, the third day onwards, we get to eat at 4th college, so no more cooking. *yay!*

Most of the time we concentrate on our own duties. Like for me, I usually work on my Edu Expo things like looking for suitable school’s contact, colleges’ contacts etc etc..

Rather routined, I would say but last Sunday, we had a special programme. Our KPM organized something called ‘Program Induksi College’ whereby they brief us on things the treasurer and secretary, the two very important people in a committee, do.

We were all dressed in formal attires with blazers and all, so we took pictures of course. But I’m too lazy to upload them all here now so you guys can see from my Facebook lah k. =)

#7. Incomplete group pic
#8. Incomplete group pic

 We were all divided into groups to complete certain tasks.

#8. Group 1
#9. Group 1
#9. Group 2
#10. Group 2
#10. Group 3

#11. Group 3


So yup, that’s roughly what happened these few days.

I’m starting to get used to this PM camp thingy actually.. Like waking up at 5 something in the morning then go get some sweat out, eating using my hand, then play some sports in the evening then sleep, then everything repeats again.

Then again, SPM camp is going to start soon. Yup, we’re going to help out when they’re in the college, too! *yay!!*

And we’re going for our second car wash this Thursday. It was loads of fun during the first time!!!

So, we’ll probably be really busy and tired but I hope it’s going to be fun nevertheless.

Let’s just see what happens. Will keep you guys updated! =)

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