Specially for Darda!

27 May

It’s someone’s big big day today!

We’re like don’t know how many thousand kilometres away so I’m really sorry I can’t come over and celebrate with you, darda!

Anyways, here’s a post just for you!

I was just thinking, if there wasn’t 27th May in the calendar, which means if you didn’t exist, what would I be?

If there weren’t you, I won’t have someone to go sing-K with me and go out of tune, together.


#1. Red Box

Without you, we won’t have anyone nice anymore in the group cause all of us are plain evil 


#2. The angel

Without you, no one would take silly pictures with me… 



  Without you, C217 of year 2009/2010 won’t be complete…

#4.Roommates-to-be =)

Without you, our famous trademark pose won’t be complete either…



#6.Trademark again!!

Without you, the Elen we all adore so much, life will just be incomplete…










In short, 27th May is another very important date for me in the calendar cause it’s your birthday!!!
Happy 21st Lun Lun!!!
Stay pretty, stay hot, stay silly, stay clumsy…
Just continue being you, Elen!

#13.I LOVE YOU!!


One Response to “Specially for Darda!”

  1. elensha June 11, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    T.T xin min!!!!!!!! just get to online n read ur blog… so touch by ur blog….. one of D best bday presents ever =D my life in uni would not b complete without u guys also… really blessed to have u guys to accompany me through out uni.. especially our 3 8 gang =D love u guys lots lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to reunite!!! XD take care… good luck in camp n c u after a month =) xoxo

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