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29 Jun

It’s day two. And I’m feeling all tensed already.

I’m in a bureau whereby not only I can’t have fun with the juniors, I’m supposed to make them miserable.

Yes. Discipline unit.

Before this, I thought of going all strict and fierce cause to me, to control 300 students from various backgrounds, that’s the only way.

So, day 1, I was strict, fierce and plain annoying. I myself didn’t like the things I scold them for cause I was simply finding excuses to scold them.

Immediately, that evening, a few of them disliked me already. They were showing faces when I spoke or simply pass by.

One of them even complained straight to another PM.

I changed my method of approach later, not because I want them to like me. But it was just simply meaningless to me, for yelling at them over the wrong colour shoes they wear and all.

However, today, I was the bitch again.

This time, it was real anger.

They are so spoilt! They spend most of the time in an air conditioned room and yet can complained when told to practise cheers.

And the cheers they do, $@^%#$!!!

If other colleges were here, 3rd residents can start digging holes to bury themselves.

The guys were the soft ones, barely touching their thighs when they were actually supposed to hit them.

And know what, there was one time a girl actually lead the cheers.

Guys, come on!

Third already has this disadvantage for having a LOT of female students compared to other colleges so our cheers are usually not as loud if compared to let’s say, 7th or 11th.

Then again, probably they can’t go to DTC this year, and experience the feeling of being challenged by other colleges, that’s why the low spirit.


And another problem is I really like helping juniors out like this year, we have one junior who is pregnant.

I pay a lot of attention to her cause I really admire her courage and think she needs the attention too.

But a few PM’s came to me and reminded me I’m in discipline. I’m not supposed to do that. That’s the ‘kebajikan’s’ duty.

*sigh sigh sigh*

I feel so tensed now, really.

The only time I’m myself is during ‘slot kerohanian’. Slots for non-muslims when the muslims go for their prayer.

Luckily I still can take care of the lil’ ‘bananas’, so I’m still on par with the reason I applied to be a PM.

Let’s just hope things will get better in the next few days.

Wish me luck!

Papa’s Day

21 Jun

Today is father’s day and therefore, I am writing a post dedicated specially to my dearest pa pa.

There was a session recently in one of my camps, on who is my favourite leader and why I like his/her leadership.

Yes. I answered proudly, “My favourite, most admired leader is none other than my father.”

I know, for an undergraduate to give such answers, it seemed a little inapproriate as others answered Dr. Mahathir, Obama and the list goes on.

My father, with the name Eddie Choong Thing Chew, 55 years of age is truly a man to be proud of.

No, he didn’t fight for the country’s independence or freedom or a better living for the whole nation, but he definitely fought real hard for his wife and kids.

He wasn’t fortunate enough to further his studies after his STPM but he’s a wise man.

Why, I hear you ask?

For he is the one who keeps his dear beloved and also very blur wife updated with the latest news  in and out of the nation.

For he is the man his two eldest daughters turn to when they have problems with their Economics assignments.

For he is the only one to me who seemed to be able to give me proper answers on current issues.

My dad is also a true hero as he was willing to put up a fight with fate when the economy turned bad.

Some of the fathers I heard gave up, lost faith and simply chose to loiter around instead of finding a way out when the ’97 crisis struck Malaysia.

Nope, not my dad.

He stood tall and brave protecting the family, making sure we eat proper meals when he was having ‘nasi lemak’ most of the time as it was the cheapest solid food available.

He sought help from friends, putting his ego aside just so that we continue living the way we were living before the crisis.

When all these happened, my siblings and I didn’t have much idea on the real scenario, on what was really happening as my father believed that this should be the adult’s responsibility, the kids shouldn’t be burdened.

With all the stress and work load, he finally fell. He got a heart attack.

He made it through like a man, once again. 😀

He’s only depending on 40% of his heart now but he never blamed any of us for what happened to him, for all the pain and hardships he went through.

Best of all, during these hard times, he carries his sarcasm and humour with him, keeping the family entertained, bringing us together, even closer.

One of his stories that I will never forget is,

“God blessed everyone with certain treasures. Some with big cars, some with big houses. I have neither, but I have five money-can’t-buy treasures. The four of you (my siblings and I) and your mom.”

And another one that he told one day when he saw an old man being isolated from his family when they were all having dinner.

“If I had a choice, I would want your mom to ‘go’ first. I don’t want your mom to be alone. Well, she can’t survive without me anyway. *laughs* (This is very true as to me, my mom depends on my dad a lot. Transport is the first. My mom can’t drive) And let me be the one who feels what’s it like to be all alone. I won’t want your mom to go through all that alone.”

So yes, my dad is my hero.

Thank you, pa, for everything.

Wait for another two years. And your second daughter (hopefully) will graduate then I will try my best to help support the family.

Happy father’s day!

p.s: No pictures of my pa pa cause he’s not too fond of the camera. Hehe.

To my dearest lil’ brother…

15 Jun

Dear Boy,

Sorry your ignorant sister is not around to celebrate your birthday with you but I’ve prepared a little something for you! 😀

Gift Voucher!

Gift Voucher!

Surprise, surprise!!! Hehe!

I know lah, very obvious it’s a last minute work but I did this in between my work and I’ve tried my best already! You should know your sister’s a buta-IT by now…

Anyways, my dearest little brother, you may be stepping in to your adulthood in the near future but you are always a child to me.

Come to me or any of your sisters if you need an advice.

Don’t listen to your friends only.

They are at the exploring stage as well, just like you, so don’t expect them to know more than you.

Your sisters on the other hand are different. We’ve been through the phase you’re going through now so, come to us, k??

And study real hard, boy. Really.

Though you’re only at Form 2, this stage of your education is equally as important.

This is when you work hard to build a strong foundation to what ever that comes later.

Don’t screw it up, boy. We all have high hopes in you!

Also, boy, I wish you all the best in everything; basketball, girl(s) and everything else.

Don’t even think of giving up if you haven’t tried your best.

Grow tall, stop repeating the same things so many times and you’ll get girls chasing after you. You’re my brother after all. The good genes are there!

Finally, happy 14th birthday!! Miss you & everyone else at home (including Happy)! *hugs*

No more car wash!!!

11 Jun

Finally! The 3rd (for me) and final car wash is done!!!

We did it at the Engineering Faculty this time. Sadly, there weren’t many  cars at the carpark we were at just now so we didn’t get to collect much.

All of us were kind of exhausted, too from yesterday’s trip to Carey Island.

We had fun nevertheless. 😀

Khamisa, Khairun, Shaffiq and I were washing cars together most of the time while Chai, Pak Koon, Zaim and Malar were at another side.

The four of us were pretty efficient with our work. Hehe.

Most of the time, all of us would rinse the car together, then Khamisa and Shaffiq would do the soap part. Then, Khairun and I will rinse with clean water then wipe the whole car. For the tyres, the three of them will take turns.

The whole thing was seriously tiring but towards the end, we started playing with water and soap already since it was the last car wash. *hooray!!*



Oh, when taking the picture above, the one holding onto the camera, KPM – ABANG Zaim, actually splashed water to us! Lucky his aiming got a bit of problem and missed all of us. ;p


So, you see, after that, in the picture above, everyone tried to take revenge. Including me! I was beside Khamisa who was holding onto the camera and splashed water too but missed terribly… -.-

So, there! We’re finally done with car wash.

Next is going to be the trip to this shelter home (PERNIM) for kids and single moms who have AIDS or whose life is affected by AIDS.

Then, right after that is BTN (Biro Tata Negara, I think) *gulp* That is one that I’m really nervous about.

Qii Qii’s 3rd Birthday…

10 Jun

It was Qii Qii’s birthday party last Sunday at my house.

A rather simple one but I think she had a lot of fun! 😀

A small party with presents, of course…


and the typical kind of food you find in a party…


She usually doesn’t talk much and stays close to Aunty Lowell but that day, she was actually posing for pictures!


The ones who came were mostly relatives and some close friends. The BFFs came too! 😀


Well, a nice warm party it was, I would say. She was really excited with the layered-agar-agar cake my mom made for her. Qii Qii requested for a pink bear specifically. Not really a success but she liked it a lot nevertheless.


I know how lazy I sound in this post. Do bear with me. Just got back from Carey Island in Bangi to visit some orang asli village. Spent the whole day there. 😦

Tomorrow we’re going for our last car wash (thank God!!!). Gotta go now to get some rest.

p.s.: Just learned from XinYi on how to use this Flickr thing to edit pictures, so the pictures are a bit messy, sorry!

Another disappointment…

7 Jun

I’ve wrote a few sentences as the beginning to this post but I deleted all of them.

I don’t know where to start.

The disappointment I feel. Yes. Maybe I should start with that.

I’m one who takes friendship really seriously. A little too seriously sometimes, maybe.

Since my secondary school days, I’ve always been giving in to you.

Back then, it was because I was having this small crush on you. Okay fine, it was a pretty huge crush and I know you knew it back then.

We were always arguing cause that’s the way how we communicate, that’s what we always say to people, remember?

If ever one makes the other angry, that person has to say sorry with three lollipops. Remember?

We used to spend hours talking on the phone over the lamest things at the oddest hours. Remember?

You even promised to take me to North Pole to see snow when I complain about not seeing snow before, remember?

You were asking for my advice on what to wear for your first date with your dream girl back then, remember?

We used to text each other non-stop everyday, updating each other on what we’re doing and who are we seeing, remember?

When you went to the States for the first time, you sent a message via Friendster to me, remember?

You even promised that the first person you’d call when you’re back at Malaysia would be me, remember?

The ‘fishball’ incident. Do you remember?

Still keeping the snowman I gave you for Christmas?

Remember we left a note on your car to remind you to wash your car?

Remember Genting trip?

Remember we promised to keep in touch through emails?

Remember our fights over who owes who Starbucks?

I don’t need to say who you are cause I don’t need others to know how I feel except you.

Before I go on, I must rephrase this.

I don’t like you anymore. I only treat you as a friend I really really treasure. One that I can share everything with.

I am disappointed cause this time, not only you didn’t ask to meet up when you’re back.

You didn’t even call.

It’s like you don’t care. From what I heard, you were saying you’re lazy to meet up with us. Lazy???

Just so you know, though we no longer keep in touch that much, I still go to your girlfriend’s blog very often to keep myself updated about you.

And I remember everything, Kit.

No, not because I like you.

It’s because you’re one of those people I call best friend.

No, let me rephrase.

It’s because you used to be one of those people.

People always tell me to just stop caring so much for you and stop giving in.

I refused to listen. I know you are not like that. I thought you cared for friends too.

Or maybe I was never a good friend to you.

As childish as this post may sound but this is exactly what I feel.

I’m really disappointed.


5 Jun

I am home! 😀 😀

Yes. KPM is such a darling to let us off for four three and half days!

Anyway, second car wash was super tiring and no, definitely not as fun as the first.

I think it is because I had to wash more cars compared to the first, including two Avanza’s without a chair or stool and was only using pails to store water. 😦

Then, it was the SPM camp.

Non-muslims put up a stall and sold some light food, including burgers, nuggets, varieties of meatballs, drinks and nasi lemak.

It was definitely exhausting; to cook, sell, publicize, then clean. -.-

Nevertheless, the profit we gained back was super encouraging!!

A day after SPM camp, it was UPSR camp or better known as Kem Bintang Harapan.

The participants are reeaaalllyyy adorable and obedient!

All of us had difficulties putting up a serious face to scold them. No, we’re not kid bullies, we just want them to be disciplined. And we succeeded! Especially Chai. All of them were terrified of him. XD

When they left, it was a difficult moment for all of the facilitators. I personally bonded with some of them and it would be really nice if we could spend another day or two together.. *wet eyes*

Anyways, two activities, three weeks down, another dunno-how-many activities and about three weeks to go till MHS.

Oh, wondering where are the pictures?

Hehe! My laptop is in hostel, currently using Mom’s so cannot transfer pictures from my phone to the com and the more high quality ones are with Pak Koon.

Will update another one with pictures when I’m free again, k? =)

p/s: 20th November 2009 is an important date! Twilight saga: New Moon!!!