5 Jun

I am home! 😀 😀

Yes. KPM is such a darling to let us off for four three and half days!

Anyway, second car wash was super tiring and no, definitely not as fun as the first.

I think it is because I had to wash more cars compared to the first, including two Avanza’s without a chair or stool and was only using pails to store water. 😦

Then, it was the SPM camp.

Non-muslims put up a stall and sold some light food, including burgers, nuggets, varieties of meatballs, drinks and nasi lemak.

It was definitely exhausting; to cook, sell, publicize, then clean. -.-

Nevertheless, the profit we gained back was super encouraging!!

A day after SPM camp, it was UPSR camp or better known as Kem Bintang Harapan.

The participants are reeaaalllyyy adorable and obedient!

All of us had difficulties putting up a serious face to scold them. No, we’re not kid bullies, we just want them to be disciplined. And we succeeded! Especially Chai. All of them were terrified of him. XD

When they left, it was a difficult moment for all of the facilitators. I personally bonded with some of them and it would be really nice if we could spend another day or two together.. *wet eyes*

Anyways, two activities, three weeks down, another dunno-how-many activities and about three weeks to go till MHS.

Oh, wondering where are the pictures?

Hehe! My laptop is in hostel, currently using Mom’s so cannot transfer pictures from my phone to the com and the more high quality ones are with Pak Koon.

Will update another one with pictures when I’m free again, k? =)

p/s: 20th November 2009 is an important date! Twilight saga: New Moon!!!

2 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. hL June 6, 2009 at 1:05 am #

    ur back ytd! i tot ull b back today!

  2. Xin Min June 7, 2009 at 3:11 am #

    Haha! Not much difference cause I slept the whole day anyway. Hehe!

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