To my dearest lil’ brother…

15 Jun

Dear Boy,

Sorry your ignorant sister is not around to celebrate your birthday with you but I’ve prepared a little something for you! 😀

Gift Voucher!

Gift Voucher!

Surprise, surprise!!! Hehe!

I know lah, very obvious it’s a last minute work but I did this in between my work and I’ve tried my best already! You should know your sister’s a buta-IT by now…

Anyways, my dearest little brother, you may be stepping in to your adulthood in the near future but you are always a child to me.

Come to me or any of your sisters if you need an advice.

Don’t listen to your friends only.

They are at the exploring stage as well, just like you, so don’t expect them to know more than you.

Your sisters on the other hand are different. We’ve been through the phase you’re going through now so, come to us, k??

And study real hard, boy. Really.

Though you’re only at Form 2, this stage of your education is equally as important.

This is when you work hard to build a strong foundation to what ever that comes later.

Don’t screw it up, boy. We all have high hopes in you!

Also, boy, I wish you all the best in everything; basketball, girl(s) and everything else.

Don’t even think of giving up if you haven’t tried your best.

Grow tall, stop repeating the same things so many times and you’ll get girls chasing after you. You’re my brother after all. The good genes are there!

Finally, happy 14th birthday!! Miss you & everyone else at home (including Happy)! *hugs*

2 Responses to “To my dearest lil’ brother…”

  1. chelsea June 16, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

    terms and conditions are NOT negotiable. i love that ;P

    • Xin Min June 18, 2009 at 11:48 pm #

      Haha! Of course! If not, Boy will be asking for this and that. 😛

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