Papa’s Day

21 Jun

Today is father’s day and therefore, I am writing a post dedicated specially to my dearest pa pa.

There was a session recently in one of my camps, on who is my favourite leader and why I like his/her leadership.

Yes. I answered proudly, “My favourite, most admired leader is none other than my father.”

I know, for an undergraduate to give such answers, it seemed a little inapproriate as others answered Dr. Mahathir, Obama and the list goes on.

My father, with the name Eddie Choong Thing Chew, 55 years of age is truly a man to be proud of.

No, he didn’t fight for the country’s independence or freedom or a better living for the whole nation, but he definitely fought real hard for his wife and kids.

He wasn’t fortunate enough to further his studies after his STPM but he’s a wise man.

Why, I hear you ask?

For he is the one who keeps his dear beloved and also very blur wife updated with the latest news  in and out of the nation.

For he is the man his two eldest daughters turn to when they have problems with their Economics assignments.

For he is the only one to me who seemed to be able to give me proper answers on current issues.

My dad is also a true hero as he was willing to put up a fight with fate when the economy turned bad.

Some of the fathers I heard gave up, lost faith and simply chose to loiter around instead of finding a way out when the ’97 crisis struck Malaysia.

Nope, not my dad.

He stood tall and brave protecting the family, making sure we eat proper meals when he was having ‘nasi lemak’ most of the time as it was the cheapest solid food available.

He sought help from friends, putting his ego aside just so that we continue living the way we were living before the crisis.

When all these happened, my siblings and I didn’t have much idea on the real scenario, on what was really happening as my father believed that this should be the adult’s responsibility, the kids shouldn’t be burdened.

With all the stress and work load, he finally fell. He got a heart attack.

He made it through like a man, once again. 😀

He’s only depending on 40% of his heart now but he never blamed any of us for what happened to him, for all the pain and hardships he went through.

Best of all, during these hard times, he carries his sarcasm and humour with him, keeping the family entertained, bringing us together, even closer.

One of his stories that I will never forget is,

“God blessed everyone with certain treasures. Some with big cars, some with big houses. I have neither, but I have five money-can’t-buy treasures. The four of you (my siblings and I) and your mom.”

And another one that he told one day when he saw an old man being isolated from his family when they were all having dinner.

“If I had a choice, I would want your mom to ‘go’ first. I don’t want your mom to be alone. Well, she can’t survive without me anyway. *laughs* (This is very true as to me, my mom depends on my dad a lot. Transport is the first. My mom can’t drive) And let me be the one who feels what’s it like to be all alone. I won’t want your mom to go through all that alone.”

So yes, my dad is my hero.

Thank you, pa, for everything.

Wait for another two years. And your second daughter (hopefully) will graduate then I will try my best to help support the family.

Happy father’s day!

p.s: No pictures of my pa pa cause he’s not too fond of the camera. Hehe.

5 Responses to “Papa’s Day”

  1. chiley at 11:13 am #

    Mun! I agree with you =) HE is simply the BESTTT!

    • Xin Min at 6:57 pm #


  2. joel at 1:27 pm #

    Fathers Day ka today?!

    • Xin Min at 6:57 pm #

      Ya lah.. You didn’t know?? Haha!

  3. chelsea at 8:04 pm #

    mum cried when she read the post. i remember myself writing something about dad during one of my english assignments back in uni and i scored the highest in class. we had to recite our writings in class and when my turn came, some of my coursemates teared too.

    but hell yea, he is one great hero in our hearts but it’s too hard to let it out sometimes.

    *tries to dig out the essay which i dunno where did i put it!

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