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Laughter is Indeed the Best Medicine.

25 Jul

There’s so much to update about but I don’t have pictures with me. 😦

Just a little update on what I’ve been up to, k?

I officially went to the SS2 pasar malam last Thursday and had a blast!! It’s been a loooong time since I last laughed so hard, I almost suffocated.

Another simple yet memorable outing thanks to the wonderful friends who went with me. 😀

Then on Friday went and watched this…BF207

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!

I don’t care what you guys have got to say but I seriously enjoyed the movie!!

And to watch those characters that I know are going to die in the final book, argh, it was so super saddening! 😦

The ticketing was a bit troublesome but in the end everything was settled so it’s still a nice day!!!

Hmmm.. What would I do if I don’t have my ‘sisters’ and the guys in university with me?

I’ll probably suffer from depression then jump off the Dewan Tunku Chancellor.

Not the highest building in UM, I think but it’s a pretty grand place to die at, I guess. Haha!

It’s really, really, reeeaaallyyy nice to hang out and laugh like that after all the activities and late night meetings. 😀

And I’m home again now. Just had dinner at Pizza Hut and I laughed and talked a lot as usual.

It feels great to finally laugh like that again. HAHAHA!!!

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Protected: No title needed actually. This is not even a blog post. Heh.

18 Jul

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Questions, questions and more questions.

16 Jul

Sometimes I wonder, am I really doing the right thing?

Or am I really taking the right course?

When people say right, what does that actually mean?

The right course, does it mean I’m studying the field I’m passionate about or does it mean I’m going to graduate and get a secured job after that?

And the things I’m doing now, is it right?

Am I doing what I really like or am I doing it for the conveniences of everyone else’s?

These questions kept pestering me until I couldn’t concentrate in my lectures.

And that’s when I realise, what is the point of getting all these answers?

Does it really matter or what’s important is to get my foot back on track to work towards my goals?

Obviously, to work towards my goal.

So yes, screw those questions. 😀

Simple Things In Life That Matters

14 Jul
Some people seek comfort from shopping sprees.
Some find joy in owning luxurious cars or big houses.
But me,
Simple gestures or just hanging out with people I love brings out the greatest joy within me.
#1. Loo Loo =)

#1. Loo Loo =)

Louise is one person that I can really be myself when I’m with her. She brings the smile and laughter out of me very naturally with her full-of-nonsense remarks. And she made my day last Thursday when she accompanied me to Transformers 2 despite the fact that she disliked Transformers very much before this.

#2. Rambutans!!!

#2. Rambutans!!!

Small gestures from a friend reaches straight to my heart as well.

Sin Yi, one of the juniors brought back a bag of rambutans from her hometown for me. 😀

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?


16.5.09 – 4.7.09

11 Jul

So, as promised, I am going to just brief you guys what we PM did for the one and half months before MHS.

Minggu Haluansiswa (MHS) is orientation for the first years and us, Pembantu Mahasiswa (PM) are volunteers that are supposed to help out throughout MHS..

Thing about 3rd college PMs is we sort of camped for almost two months before MHS but no, we don’t start on MHS’s work yet.

We have all sorts of programmes in line all to polish our leadership and other soft skills.

The first, if I didn’t remember wrongly was the SPM camp.

Only Muslims can take part in this camp so the non-Muslim PMs took charge of the food stall. Yup, for one week, we took over our famous mamak in 3rd, Sahur.

Among the things we sold were burgers…


Malaysian ice-cream…


drinks, ‘nasi lemak’, fried food, otak-otak and lots more. It was seriously tiring and no fun. Let’s just say opening a food stall is going to be one of my last ambitions.

Then, it was the UPSR camp, or what we call the ‘Kem Bintang Harapan’.

40 students came from Sekolah Rendah Methodist Tanjung Malim, if I didn’t remember wrongly and we were the facilitators. 😀



They were all really nice and adorable kids! It was the first time I facilitated a camp and it’s the best so far!

When they left, it was a pretty hard moment for all of us.

Then we went to Carey Island to visit the orang asli’s settlement but I don’t have any of the pictures with me so I’ll just skip that ok? 🙂

After that it was the ‘Kebajikan’ trip we went and PERNIM it was.

PERNIM, as I mentioned earlier is a shelter for kids and single mothers whose lives are affected because of AIDS.

It was heartbreaking to see so many innocent kids there.

We spent the whole day there playing, teaching and even put some to sleep.



There was this little child there who was sleeping in another house when the rest were all gathered at one.

Chai was the one who saw her and lifted her up after getting his permission to do so. What we knew later about this little girl’s story made me both extremely sad and angry.

She was born without a hole to pass motion, an asshole to make things simple. And she has down syndrome and what’s worst she has heart problems too.

She’s under the shelter of PERNIM now and surgeries were done to make her a hole to pass motion, that’s the good news.

Then, they told us her story.

Her father is her mother’s son-in-law. This pathetic, idiotic, WORTHLESS son-in-law actually raped his own wife’s mother and made her pregnant!

I know, wtf right?! I was so pissed at men at that moment!

Unfair, I know but that man is such a beast, he brings shame to the entire men population on Earth!!!

Raping is already bad but raping your own family member is f*cking unacceptable!!!

And who’s the biggest victim from such an irresponsible act?

The child!!!


Just look at her. Gosh.

Then, we went to BTN on that day itself. I didn’t snap any pictures as well cause they confiscated our phones.

It was boring and…boring. It was one of my emotional moments during the camp because I was having my monthly thing-y and they were telling us stories about the ‘things’ there.

I seriously pantang those things one so I ended up washing, WASHING my used pads.

Won’t elaborate on the washing process of course, but it was so disgusting, it affected my mood badly.

The only thing I like about BTN was the bus trip home! Had a good chat with Chai and got to know 2nd college PMs better,so it was fun. 🙂

When we got back, we began on the preparations for MHS, finally.

In between that, we went for ‘Induksi HEP’ as well. I would say that’s part of the preparation as well.



Then, finally, MHS! 😀


I didn’t snap a lot of pictures throughout the week as I was in the Discipline Unit.

I only managed to snap a few when the freshies were not looking. Hehe.

This was on the first day during registration. All of us were in masks and gloves.


And this was the last day of MHS. The highlight of the week, they were all in Dewan Tunku Chancellor, for the first time to compete cheers.


For some reasons, I liked it better before MHS.

The whole thing was fun but strangely, the least fun one was MHS.

Let Me Go Home.

8 Jul

Sorry, still don’t have the mood to update on my experience as a PM so bear with me for another post filled with rants and complaints.

So, yup. Today is the third day of my first semester as a second year student and things in university, not only they haven’t improve over the years but it seemed to got worst this year with the H1N1 influenza thing-y.

Registrations are all messed up as usual.

Time table as scattered as ever.

Only consolation to this is no morning classes.

But it also means that I’m going to walk to classes under the very hot afternoon sun.

Then there’s the non-academic workload that I’m supposed to carry.


I want to go home badly.

Homesick, yes, maybe a little but there’s a more matured and solid reason.

I have a lot of things at home that I really need in university and those things are things my parents or sister can’t find or will miss out if I were to ask them to bring over.


Like my Statistics notes. I’m sure they can’t find them cause even I’m not sure where I kept them.

And then there’s little but really important stuffs like the compact-green-packet-forgotten-what-brand’s-toilet roll, soft type of tooth brush, Eversoft Moisturizing facial wash, Darlie tooth paste, Kotex overnight with wings sanitary pad, foldable umbrella with UV shield (those umbrellas with the silver side), Faber-Castell’s RM0.80 blue inked ball pens, the red-going-to-pink sweater Audrey gave me last year, my pink file, and so much more!

I know, I know.

Many of those things are things that I should be buying myself but hey, I used to go home every weekend and my parents don’t give me allowance for those kinda things so I have to go home to get them.

Also, I’m a little picky with the things I use so I need to get the brands and types I use specifically.

Most importantly, I need a hair cut!

A junior, JUNIOR actually said I look terrrrrrrible when I let my hair down


Frustrating or not, you tell me!

I cannot go home, not until the week after 19th July cause I am involved with my faculty’s I-Week.


I am so frustrated seriously.

I miss pa pa, mommy, Fei Fei, XinYi, Boy and Happy.

I wanna go home.


End of MHS, Beginning of a Whole Lot More

7 Jul

Yes, as the titles says, MHS is finally done and over with but I’ve got a whole lot more things in line.

For instance, Minggu Interaksi Kurshiah (MIK) which is going to start next week. Then there’s my faculty’s I-Week, PBUM’s MB thing-y, PBUM’s Vege Stall and Da Yao, the Chinese Concert that I joined last year as a Marketing committee. Not forgetting my role as CCC’s Timbalan Pengarah.

The thoughts of all those commitments are killing me already. I need to buck up this semester to pull my pointers up again.

The so-called reunion with the Uni buddies never seemed to work cause everyone’s busy with their own things. *sigh*

Will update with pictures from my PM days soon.

Till then.