Let Me Go Home.

8 Jul

Sorry, still don’t have the mood to update on my experience as a PM so bear with me for another post filled with rants and complaints.

So, yup. Today is the third day of my first semester as a second year student and things in university, not only they haven’t improve over the years but it seemed to got worst this year with the H1N1 influenza thing-y.

Registrations are all messed up as usual.

Time table as scattered as ever.

Only consolation to this is no morning classes.

But it also means that I’m going to walk to classes under the very hot afternoon sun.

Then there’s the non-academic workload that I’m supposed to carry.


I want to go home badly.

Homesick, yes, maybe a little but there’s a more matured and solid reason.

I have a lot of things at home that I really need in university and those things are things my parents or sister can’t find or will miss out if I were to ask them to bring over.


Like my Statistics notes. I’m sure they can’t find them cause even I’m not sure where I kept them.

And then there’s little but really important stuffs like the compact-green-packet-forgotten-what-brand’s-toilet roll, soft type of tooth brush, Eversoft Moisturizing facial wash, Darlie tooth paste, Kotex overnight with wings sanitary pad, foldable umbrella with UV shield (those umbrellas with the silver side), Faber-Castell’s RM0.80 blue inked ball pens, the red-going-to-pink sweater Audrey gave me last year, my pink file, and so much more!

I know, I know.

Many of those things are things that I should be buying myself but hey, I used to go home every weekend and my parents don’t give me allowance for those kinda things so I have to go home to get them.

Also, I’m a little picky with the things I use so I need to get the brands and types I use specifically.

Most importantly, I need a hair cut!

A junior, JUNIOR actually said I look terrrrrrrible when I let my hair down


Frustrating or not, you tell me!

I cannot go home, not until the week after 19th July cause I am involved with my faculty’s I-Week.


I am so frustrated seriously.

I miss pa pa, mommy, Fei Fei, XinYi, Boy and Happy.

I wanna go home.


5 Responses to “Let Me Go Home.”

  1. chelsea July 8, 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    miss you too! come home fast!!

    i thought u were coming home this weekend hence i actually took leave on friday. i asked mum to be on leave as well so that we can do things together, but she said she couldn’t. then i thought, “ah! it’s okay” because i can take u back from uni as soon as u can come back then we can go karaoke- happy hour VERY cheap compared to weekends. then saturday night can have “lok-lok” for supper.

    =.=” now not coming back? :~(

  2. owangee July 9, 2009 at 11:48 am #

    take it easy babe! you’ll be home soon. =)

  3. huiyee July 9, 2009 at 2:29 pm #

    hey..i rmb d pink sweater..^^ haha..anyway..y cant u go bac tis weekend?? I week is next week rite..unless u r those Very Important AJKs…go bac a while wont harm anyway..summore..u r so not living FAR AWAY lar..

  4. Dwee July 10, 2009 at 2:41 pm #

    Aiya. Nevermind la. I coming back on the 19th also. After I self quarantine a week we go out ya!!!

  5. Xin Min July 11, 2009 at 11:32 am #

    Home at last~~ Haha.. Finally decided to skip some of the meetings cause I really need to come home..

    Hui Yee: Besides I week I’m also involved in MIK (minggu Interaksi Kurshiah) that’s why a bit busy.. What more CCC got meetings.. But skipped one of it already!

    Dwee: Better meet up!! You’re going back soon already!

    Yean: Let’s meet up together when Drey’s back! =)

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