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27 Sep

Okay, ignore my previous post. Don’t know why I felt so emotional out of a sudden that day. Hehe.

Maybe Xinyi’s right. I felt so bored and all cause my BFFs are all not in Subang for quite some time already.

Anyhow, Jess is back this time and I met up with her, along with Cassie on Friday night.

Xinyi suddenly wanted to go shopping and so we went to Pyramid for some quick shopping before I went to meet the girls.


Fei and I in the toilet, doing the obvious. Hehe.

The two of us walked around with Mom most of the time and we saw this shop, Wearhouse on some closing down sales, 70% discount storewide!!!

I haven’t been in that shop before, honestly though I always pass by as the clothes there look a bit funnyΒ  but the three of us got some tshirts and tops for at most RM21 only each that night!!!

Very good deal!!! πŸ™‚

We were there for quite a long time till the shop assistants looked a bit pissed as it was about 10.15 pm already. Hehe.

Anyways, after that Xinyi dropped me at Melur to meet up with these two…


I was really happy to see them!!!

We talked about random things as usual and were laughing a lot.


Even roti tisu made us laughed like what only… πŸ™‚

ahhh… Just like the good ol’ times… Hehe!


Haha! Cass, so called posing for her new Facebook profile picture. πŸ™‚

Cass is super updated with Facebook nowadays!!!

She knows a lot about what others are doing or where they are, all through Facebook!

It’s kinda scary actually.

She’s like some stalker on FB. Hehe! Just joking Cass!!! You know I love you no matter what, my-more-than-a-decade-friend!!! πŸ™‚

Went pan mee with them this morning and I had heaps of fun again!

I’m like so energized now, I’m all set to go back uni and fight deal with my assignments and meetings!!! πŸ™‚

Okay, before I go, a random collage of a my little baby sister. πŸ™‚

Haha. I’m so into collage nowadays. :p


Life in the Not-So-Fab Lane

25 Sep

I am here cause I don’t know what to do and I just ate Maggie so I don’t want to sleep yet. πŸ™‚

So, this random thought hit me just now.

Why some people has got Kim-Kardashian-kind-of-life but mine is so simple, it’s near to get-a-new-life-cause-yours-is-freeeaaaaking-boring?

Hehe. Not that random actually.

I met up with Yean few days ago and we talked about our high school friends and some not friends.

Some are doing the Medicine programme, some Law, some Dentistry, some Accountancy, some are fashion designers, some are cops, some are proud mothers, etc…

Thing is, when she asked me about me (yes ME), I didn’t know how to answer her.

Cause to be really honest, I am leading the life any ordinary not-so-well-to-do parents would plan for their child to live.


Maybe I passed the rebel phase so I don’t really want to go against my parents like taking drugs, sleeping with random guys, etc, and so, I end up doing very normal stuffs.

Like waking up in the afternoon late morning, then going to class, then rush assignments, tutorials, presentations, then going back to college and do normal stuffs like eating and sleeping.

And when holiday comes, everything is the same, except for the class and college part.

What happened to those days where I go out everyday with the BFFs?

What happened to those days when I get so excited about clubbing?

What happened to those days when I get butterflies in my stomach when a cute guy turns and smile at me?

Okay lah, the cute guy part never did happen but you get my point, right?

Gosh. I feel so boring now.

I don’t even feel excited listening to LeeHom’s songs.

What happen??? 😦

And why do I sound like a 30 year old when I’m only 21???


Suddenly random thought become sad thought pulak. 😦

Raya Updates

24 Sep

Happy belated Raya everyone! πŸ™‚

So, I’m on a one week holiday and I actually planned to settle my Malaysian Economy research proposal and Statistics tutorials but it’s Thursday already and I haven’t done anything. 😦

Anyway, during the Raya holidays, my uncle (Kao Fu) and his family came over.

As usual, the adults were spending most of the time on the Mahjong table and us, the younger adults just hang around and mind our own business.

Hehe. We got bored of it, finally on Monday so Nyet, Fei and I went to the Digital Mall at USJ 19, supposedly to scout for some gadgets Nyet needed for his new phone.

Thing is, Nyet thought the Digital Mall here is similar to the one at PJ but haha, it’s nothing compared to it.

The one here is still kinda new and so, it’s empty.

The one in PJ has 4 storeys all occupied with shops!

Nyet was rather disappointed and mentioned, Summit is even better than that place.

Next thing you know, we’re at Summit.


For no reasons at all. Haha!

We got there, bought a Mcdonald’s sundae each then walked around for less than 15 minutes then we left.


No, not home but A&W! πŸ™‚


Super random.

The idea came about cause Nyet suddenly craved for waffles.

We tried looking for waffles in Summit but all were closed already then Fei simply mentioned the only place that sells waffles and is still open should be A&W only.

Then we all went. Haha.

But still, in the end, no waffles cause there were so many orders, we would have to wait for 50 minutes if we want one.

Ridiculous, right! 50 mins wei!!

So Nyet ended up with another cup of ice-cream and root beer float.


Haha! Super random but it was quite fun in a way. πŸ™‚

Then yesterday went and watched…

ε“εˆ°η¬‘ Where Got Ghost 2009

Haha! Yes. Where got ghost?! :p

It was Fei’s idea and as much as I thought it was a show I could watch from the DVD, I went in the end as I was feeling super bored from staying at home.

Not really that funny cause I don’t understand Hokkien.

And subtitles somehow don’t carry that much humour with them, agree?

But anyhow, I’m not that picky with movies so no regrets lahh. πŸ™‚

Then after that I went Starbucks with LOI!!!


Finally get to meet her and we spent the whole night talking lah, what else! πŸ™‚

I really want to meet up with her again but my stupid Malaysian Economy research proposal is killing me! 😦

Searched the web for the whole afternoon and still end up in dead ends.

When Dr Yong said one week’s not going to be enough to do the proposal, I told myself I’m going to prove her wrong.

Karma lah now. For being so arrogant and trying to go against the lecturer. SIGH!!!

Okay lah, I’m giving up.

Wish me luck answering her questions this Tuesday!

To Pangkor!!!

20 Sep

On the 11th till 13th September 2009, CCC of 3rd college organized a trip to Pangkor Island.

A hundred of us went in 3 buses. The first two buses left on Friday (11th Sep) afternoon, around 3 pm.


Some of them who went with the first two buses.

I was in the third bus, which left on Saturday (12th Sep) morning around 2am.

My, super tiring I would say.

I didn’t sleep much in the bus some more as I was the person-in-charge, so I wanted to keep track of where were we and all.

Finally, all of us were at Pangkor Island at around 9 am.

We started off with station games at the beach shortly after breakfast and some briefings by the committees.

I don’t have much pictures of the committees but here’s one which I think is super adorable. πŸ™‚



She was in charged of our safety and welfare that time. So adorable hor! And the scenery behind her is simply fantastic!!!

Haha! We were playing by the beach and there were a lot of games there.

One of it was the balloon-stepping game.

I know how simple it sounds, you tie a balloon around your ankle then you got to step on the opponent’s balloons while protecting yours.

What’s different is this one, we played in the water. Not in the deep deep sea, of course. But still pretty difficult and exhausting.

CC trip - Pangkor2

Haha! The picture above is team kanasai against team Pangkor.

This was just one of the stations. We played a lot more creative and new games that morning and I had so much fun!!!though i burnt myself pretty badly

At around noon, we lunched, cleaned up then moved indoors.

The weather was so super hot that day, as you can see from the pictures, till I felt a bit feverish later. 😦


So kesian right. *sobs*

But nope, this didn’t stop me from participating in the games!!!

I paid RM 130, hello. A bit of headache and heat won’t stop me from having fun!!!

The committees planned some really mind-challenging games and one of it was the trust game.

Okay lah, this one not that mind-challenging but this game really test our team’s teamwork and our trust on our team mates.

You see, we choose someone from our team as the one to fall, then the rest would catch her from below.

A collage on the eight teams’ performances.

CC trip - Pangkor1

It was a very good game, I would say. Very different from the usual, skema ones. πŸ™‚

Then we had dinner and a bit of free time to prepare for our team’s performance that night.

Each team was given a song and we were supposed to sort of act out a video clip for the song.

Among the songs were Smooth Criminal, My Heart Will Go On, Barbie Girl (my team got this), Old Mcdonald plus Three Blind Mice and some other Hokkien and Mandrin songs.

I don’t know what are the names exactly but the Chinese song’s title is strip off, or something so yes, a very hot, exotic night it was. πŸ™‚

Oh, before that I went to the beach and got this.


Damn nice hor!!!

Okay, back to the performances…

CC trip - Pangkor3

Ah yes, we had gay scenes of course!

It’s like a must-have in CC trip!!!

I personally really liked Ben’s group’s performance. They got Old Mcdonald and Three Blind Mice.

Hehe! Just look closely at Ben’s face, that’s the ‘blind’ part of the song. πŸ™‚

And Ang jumping onto Andrew!!! Hahaha!!!

After that, we had sharing session then the Banana slot came in.

I was really looking forward to it and I think it was quite a good one.

The juniors may not know what are we doing but I did feel the banana aura reeeaaally strong up there.

I miss Adrian so much at that moment. Even gave him a call after that. πŸ™‚

After the sessions ended, a few of us went for supper then I followed my fellow cun photographer friends to the beach.

And Ben did his magic.

CC trip - Pangkor4

He was like writing in the air with the small torch light and told us to stay still and this was what that came out!!!

I really admire Ben for his photography skills!!! *salutes*

Something I’ve always wanted to learn but camera pun takde. *sigh*

Oh yah, the sisterhood managed to snap this before that…


Yes!!! Our trademark!!! πŸ™‚

The next day, it was all cloudy.

I guess it suited my mood very much.

I was feeling a bit moody that day cause I had to wake up early and it was the last day of the trip already. 😦


The morning started off with Chai rambling on the microphone.

A few of us thought it was boring for such emotional speeches to be done early in the morning but many were in tears upon listening to Chai.

CC trip - Pangkor5

Yup. Even the CC trip director, Louise herself cried.

I think she must have been keeping it inside for a very long time, so finally she broke down into tears that very morning. *sigh*

I gave her a long hug after that in hopes to make her feel better.


*sayang you very muchy, Loo Loo!!!*

After that, we danced to the theme song this time for the very last time and then it was the big group photo session!


Everyone was there except Li Xian and Sung Qin as they were preparing for our lunch.

So sorry we missed you guys out!!!

And so, after lunch, we boarded the ferry and went back to the Lumut Waterfront.

The buses haven’t reach yet so we SS lah, what else. πŸ™‚


With the ‘sisters’.


*mwah mwaaah Loo Loo* πŸ™‚


CCC Higher Board of Committees of year 2009/2010

Then after that we came back to reality,college. sheeesh.

Oh yah, pictures above are all either taken by Belle or is taken with Belle’s baby DSLR.

Hehe. Explains the good quality and nice shots, right?

Belle is such a darling!! She let me play with her baby every once in a while.

Hehe. And so, I present to you, my favourite person to snap for a candid shot.

CC trip - Pangkor

MANDY!!! πŸ™‚

Pictures above are all really candid shots and I guess you guys should know why I love snapping her so much by now, right!

Just look at her facial expressions….

Priceless!!! πŸ™‚

I spent less time with my sisters this CC trip but it was more satisfying and fun than the previous as I watched and observed others who went and enjoyed themselves so much in almost every game. πŸ™‚

All thanks to the wonderful group of committee members of CC trip year 2009.

You guys did a great job!

The Big 21!

20 Sep

Yup, the big 21st for me finally came. πŸ™‚

Unlike most of friends my age, I didn’t have any extravagant kind of celebration.

But that didn’t mean it was anything less special, in fact it was more memorable and meaningful. πŸ™‚

Days before, the family and I had a feast at Chili’s Mid Valley.

Among the good food we had…




Mom and boss-of-the-day, XinYi.

And oh, that night, Boy looked so grown up!


My finally-grown-up-brother!!! πŸ™‚

The line’s pretty unstable so I cannot upload other pictures of that night. Sorry!

On the big day itself, I was in college. As mentioned, nothing big but super memorable cause I had a lot of gifts from unexpected people.

First, mom sent me self-baked cupcakes from home!!


It’s written “Happy Birthday Min!”. Upclose picture of the cupcakes…


Damn nice, right!!! They tasted reaalllly goood too!!!

And Belle came back that night, too!! She gave me a very special and thoughtful present…


A small bottle of seashells and Starbucks gift voucher! Nice, right!!!

Then, there were gifts from the coursemates (Jo Ann, Lik Sheng and Pei Ling), Malar, Jin Hai, and Chai.



I was super happy and kind of contented already that night.

Only disappointment was my fellow ‘sisters’ didn’t get me anything.

And so, I thought maybe they didn’t have enough time to buy and was expecting a belated present the next day or so.

Unfortunately, a week passed, and NOTHING!

Another week went by and still nothing!

By then, I had already given up and am not expecting anything anymore. 😦

However, just few days ago, they surprised me with this…


A box full with presents!!! =D

I began digging in and unwrapping one after another.

The idea was that they gather 16 (supposedly 21)Β people, each with their own presents for me and put together in a box, so that I get to unwrap more presents at one time.

They had planned to only give me 25 days after my birthday as my birth date is on the 25th but I was going home earlier so they couldn’t wait and gave me 24 days after my birthday.

Are you jealous of me already for having such nice friends??? Wait till I show you what they gave… πŸ™‚


These are from Wee Keng, Amos, Alan, Ang and Ban Hui. Louise and the rest bought these on their behalf as I suppose they don’t know what to buy. I think it’s the thoughts that count anyway, so thank you guys lots!!!


I know, I know.. You guys must be thinking, what the…? Biscuits, Nescafe and Maggie???

Here’s the story. These are from Li Peng and Siew Peng, both were my room mates for some time ago.

Staying in the same room as me, they know what I love eating most.

I once mentioned, MENTIONED only, to Li Peng that eating Marie biscuits with coffee is like the best combination, as so, she bought me Marie biscuits. πŸ™‚

As for the instant noodles, Siew Peng has always seen me dulging into instant noodles during my first year. It’s surprising she got me a packet when she used to always lecture me for eating too much of instant noodles. πŸ™‚


This is from a senior, Suet Wei. I was so touched to get something from her!!! She’s one of those seniors in college that I really look up to for being humble like that and hang out with us very often!

I don’t understand what’s written on the small card, though. Anyone mind translating? πŸ™‚


This is from two of my current room mates, Kam Leng and Po Lian.

Another thoughtful one… Instant Campbelle soup, handphone key chain and a charm bracelet. πŸ™‚


Rocky biscuits!! These are from Mandy.

Oh yah, one thing special about these gifts are that not only I was guessing what is the gift, I was also guessing who bought it.

Everything is so special cause the gifts resemble the person who bought them so much!!!

Like the Campbelle soup, so Kam Leng and the Rocky biscuits, it was either Mandy or Moon. πŸ™‚


Hehe! The moment I saw this I knew it was from Tong and Juin. So them. πŸ™‚


This!!! Stupid Moon!!! Just because I borrowed her socks the other day she bought me a new pair now!! And those mini sized instant noodles erasers, as I mentioned earlier, I am a huge fan of instant noodles. πŸ™‚

What’s different is that these instant noodles are her favourite too!


See how excited she was!! πŸ™‚


This is from Elen! My gosh, so predictable!! You should see the design of her slippers then you’ll know what I mean. Haha!! The funny thing is I was the one who bought her slippers. swt. πŸ™‚


And this… My gosh, it was like screaming out loud, “Louise bought me!!!”

Don’t ask me why, I just knew who gave what cause they were buying things that resemble them soooo much!

I know many must have went through a lot of hassle to get this done. And I appreciate it very very much!

Thank you to everyone who made it so special for me.

It’s not about the good food or luxurious presents that makes a memorable birthday, it’s about spending it with people who wants you to be happy and that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

First Class Mentality?

15 Sep

Today started off with a very bad joke.

I skipped the morning class again cause I had some assignments pending and the due date was today plus I was still exhausted even though I slept for more than 7 hours.

Then my course mate texted me saying the lecturer caught me skipping cause she was reading out the names.

I freaked out of course cause I’m chicken like that wtf not used to being caught by teachers or lecturers for doing something wrong.

But when I sat back and think about it again, I had a feeling they were playing a prank on me.

And I was right. sheesh.

At that moment, I felt so terribly bad and I was like thinking it must be some wake up call or something for me and I vowed to not skip anymore classes this semester.

Okay fine, this week at least.

But here I am, back in the room though I’m supposed to go for my Sociology lecture and tutorial.

Thing is, I really don’t see a point in attending certain classes.

For instance, Statistics.

This year’s Statistics been full of nothing but nonsense.

The lecturer reads from the slides, literally and is not even able to explain to us the correct answer if we asked her a question.

She would always say, “Just refer to your notes and text books.”

I know, we are university students and we shouldn’t be spoon fed anymore but it’s annoying to know that you purposely wake up in the morning to go for such lectures.

I mean, if all I’m getting is, “Just refer your notes and book”, might as well I sleep in and read on my own.

What’s the point of attending the lecture, right?

Then Statistics tutorial.

Gosh, my tutor just browse through the soft copy and if we tell him to slow down as we’re trying to catch what is written, he’ll say, “Don’t copy. I’m giving you the soft copy later.”


What is the point I ask you, to attend to such classes.

Just read the notes on my own and download the answers, right?

And they say their vision is to produce first class mentality students/graduates.

Should they do something about their educators first?

How are we going to be first class mentality people when the ones who are educating us are like that?

You tell me lah, how.

Bye bye and Hello!!

12 Sep

A few posts that I have yet to blog about…


My second 21st birthday celebration with the family and the surprises I got from unexpected people.

Then there’s the very last minute clubbing plan with university mates…


I’m pretty free at the moment and the line is considerably good to put up a picture-filled-post but not going to do it… πŸ™‚


Cause I’m going to Pangkor in an hour’s time!!!



Bye bye assignments and tutorials. Not taking you guys with me this weekend.

And hello nice beach and great companions for a holiday!!!

Oh yah, I’m currently addicted to this…

Definitely related to CC trip.

If not, why you think I’m listening to it??

See you guys soon!

Will be back on Sunday. Hehe.

Best I Could Do

8 Sep

I’m back, again to rant here.

I’m starting to feel bad cause all I seem to blog about are complaints after complaints.

Thing is, I haven’t got the time to settle my photo-problem at flickr so I’m putting all the picture post on hold.

Be patient ya my dear readers.:)

I’ve got a one week holiday coming up so I’ll probably get it done that time.

Anyway, things are pretty hectic lately.

And in a not-so-good way.

Many people around me are feeling really tensed and stressed out due to the workload and commitments lately.

It is only normal for me to try help them solve their matters when I see them feeling so stressed out.

But unfortunately, this time I’m tied down with commitments myself, too.

I am still able to juggle with my studies and other commitments at the moment but not until the extent of helping others do theirs as it’s just out of my limitations.


Yeah, I’m a little confused, too with what I’m saying. swt.

But point is, I can’t sit in and help the ones around me with their problems and I feel really sorry.

I know how some would say, “Mind your own business. They need to go through all this on their own.”

But how can you stand to sit back and watch them break down?

And when you talk to them, all they can ever do is to respond with a weak smile cause they’re already so tired from all the work.

Responding with a weak smile is a bonus.

Sometimes all I get is silence as my dear friend’s thoughts wandered elsewhere again. I assume they went to the deadlines and workload again. 😦

Best I could do is to keep smiling, I guess.

My dear friends, if you happen to read this (which I seriously doubt), cheer up, k! There’s always a bright side to everything! πŸ™‚

Apology Note to Dear Seniors.

4 Sep

I am seeking comfort from my blog once again.

The Chinese Community Club, CCC of my residential college is a club for all Chinese residents from my college.

They have this thing in every college. Yes, there are 12 CCC’s in UM.

What they, no we (I would regard myself as one of them asΒ  I am a very active member of my college’s CCC. Yup, and I’m very proud to be one.) do is that we just sort of gather together, have fun and help each other if one has a problem.

I don’t know, being away from home, feeling so alienated from everyone else, isn’t it nice to have a club that gathers all the Chinese together and the seniors,especially really help you out if ever you need help.

Okay, for the very first time I don’t know how to put my feelings into words. 😦

Point is, CCC really takes care of it’s members’ welfare and the seniors do play important roles in this.

Some of them become part of the higher board of committee so that at least they can help CCC point out problems to the college’s person-in-charge, putting their assignments, tutorials, tests, and presentations aside at times as they take up such roles.

I’ve always been really really grateful to my seniors who made me feel so at home when I’m joining the CCC activities.

Now that I’m a senior, I try my very best to be a good senior as well.

Unfortunately, I received feedbacks just moments ago regarding CCC from juniors.

How unsatisfied they are with us.

How unreasonable we are to them for making them members of CCC automatically.

How bossy we have been, apparently.

It was seriously disappointing.

I have no idea as well, why we are members as soon as we step foot into the college.

But what I felt was that I am a Chinese, so it’s only reasonable for me to be a member of CCC.

I know how racist it may sound but for me, it’s just a way to bring us together.

It’s like a ‘clustering’ type of way to focus on the people in college.

Like when we focus on a smaller amount of people, actions taken would be more effective.

That’s all.

Not another way to draw the lines, separate the skin colour difference, or what so ever nonsense.

I know the juniors might be right as well.

And that’s why I’m even more disappointed.

I’m sorry, seniors.

I’m really sorry we cannot seem to continue the tradition you guys passed along all these years.

Well, it’s just a small group of juniors who said this but I have a feeling there are more who feels this way.

I don’t know to end this.

Bye bye, maybe?