First Class Mentality?

15 Sep

Today started off with a very bad joke.

I skipped the morning class again cause I had some assignments pending and the due date was today plus I was still exhausted even though I slept for more than 7 hours.

Then my course mate texted me saying the lecturer caught me skipping cause she was reading out the names.

I freaked out of course cause I’m chicken like that wtf not used to being caught by teachers or lecturers for doing something wrong.

But when I sat back and think about it again, I had a feeling they were playing a prank on me.

And I was right. sheesh.

At that moment, I felt so terribly bad and I was like thinking it must be some wake up call or something for me and I vowed to not skip anymore classes this semester.

Okay fine, this week at least.

But here I am, back in the room though I’m supposed to go for my Sociology lecture and tutorial.

Thing is, I really don’t see a point in attending certain classes.

For instance, Statistics.

This year’s Statistics been full of nothing but nonsense.

The lecturer reads from the slides, literally and is not even able to explain to us the correct answer if we asked her a question.

She would always say, “Just refer to your notes and text books.”

I know, we are university students and we shouldn’t be spoon fed anymore but it’s annoying to know that you purposely wake up in the morning to go for such lectures.

I mean, if all I’m getting is, “Just refer your notes and book”, might as well I sleep in and read on my own.

What’s the point of attending the lecture, right?

Then Statistics tutorial.

Gosh, my tutor just browse through the soft copy and if we tell him to slow down as we’re trying to catch what is written, he’ll say, “Don’t copy. I’m giving you the soft copy later.”


What is the point I ask you, to attend to such classes.

Just read the notes on my own and download the answers, right?

And they say their vision is to produce first class mentality students/graduates.

Should they do something about their educators first?

How are we going to be first class mentality people when the ones who are educating us are like that?

You tell me lah, how.

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