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An Eventful Friday

31 Oct

I am home since Thursday night.

And then Mom told me she would be on leave today (Friday) and that she needed me to fetch her to some places.

I didn’t expect her to mean placeS with a capital S cause seriously damn a lot of placeS!!!


#1. My tool at work

Yes, that’s my tool for work today.

Meet my boss.


#2. Hello BOSS!

Hahahaha! My mom’s going to kill me when she sees this. πŸ™‚

Cause she came up the car then I was like, “Mom, snap a picture, *click* Okay, done.”

And she was still stoning after a few seconds I took her picture.

Then only she realized I snapped her stoned face with ugly hairband and insisted I delete this picture.

Mom always have the best candid pictures. I shall share with you guys when I have my own house ok.

Cause she’ll probably disown me when she sees those pictures on my blog. Haha! Kidding!

My boss is of course, a kind and considerate boss.

First destination was to Nirwana, the famous mamak shop nearby my house.

For me to have my breakfast before starting work!



This place serves their curry, dahl and other kuahs as shown in the picture above and I like cause my roti/tosai is constantly full with kuahs. πŸ™‚


#4. Done eating, now what?

Yeah, now what?

Start work, what else!

To the factory-like shoplots at Sunway!

We were supposed to buy new sets of plates and bowls for Kao Bie’s house-warming present. πŸ™‚







There were so many things there!!!

But unfortunately, Mom didn’t get anything cause they were too expensive.

I thought they were supposed to be cheaper some more since they look like they were those bulk-selling-so-cheaper seller.

Their plate cost about RM20 plus for one. Just ONE!!!

It’s those nice nice ones but still, RM20!!! O.o

Imagine you accidentally drop the plate while dish-washing and you can’t deny this kind of accidents happen really often then *PRIIAAAANG!!!* RM 20 gone!

So, Mom left empty-handed and we went to The Summit after that.


Cause Metrojaya got their sales there and all items are on 70% discount (if I’m not wrong)

There were soooo many things there but I didn’t take any pictures cause their security was really tight.

They even tied my handbag up. 😦

We didn’t get to see see at all the departments cause we needed to fetch Fei from school.

But we managed to get Fei a pair of shoe from Dr. Cardin, Kao Bie’s sets of plates, a hand towel, and my urm… bra. Hehe.

Super cheap, I tell you.

The Cotton Shop bras were only RM15 each! Reasonable right! πŸ™‚

After fetching Fei from school, I rushed back to fetch Boy to school.

Then came home lunch and off to work again!

This time, to Puchong’s Bake with Yen.

From the name of the shop, I’m sure you must have guessed the shop sells stuffs related to baking.

They had all sorts of flours and sugar!



They also got er… all the pans (or what ever you call it) for baking…



And er.. all sorts of base for cupcakes?



This is just the variety of colours for ONE type of er…base.

And a whole lot more of er…things that you would need for baking.





Okay, confession.

I got no baking sense at all.

I mean, I have absolutely no knowledge and interest in baking (besides eating the final result :)).

My mom and sister went hyper in there though.

They wouldn’t leave and I almost bore to death there.

Lucky I brought along the camera.

After that went to get my new IC.

Nothing’s wrong with the old one.

It’s just that everyone needs to renew when they are 18 so I better go renew before I turn 25 and get fined for not renewing earlier.

I was excited of course cause I’ve always disliked my old IC photo.



I always complain about how these people at the registration place make you look up/left a bit/move forward/go back a bit to the right/etc instead of moving the camera cause by the time you’re done fitting your face into their desired angle, you look like you’re constipating already.

And I will still complain cause my new one is even worst than the one above.

Hence, no picture to prove it cause it’s too hideous! 😦

After that we rushed back to send Fei to Aunty Catherine to get her hair done for MPT5&6.

Yup, it’s her turn.

And Mom and I were super excited for her.

We almost quarreled while doing her make up.


And the end result?


#14. My baby sister!

I must clarify that I didn’t take her ugliest picture to be the ‘before’ picture.

In fact, this is one of the nicest. Haha!

And after!!!






#17. The excited mother


#18. The sampat sister

Mom and I weren’t the only ones who were super excited about her going MPT5&6.

Pa was excited, too!

He didn’t show it obviously but let me just tell a random fact about my dad.

He hates the camera, for unknown reasons.

Every time we ask him to be in a picture, he would not only resist but also call us ‘sampat’ for snapping pictures of basically everything we see. tsk tsk.

How can anyone hate the camera.

But point is, he was so happy to take not only one but THREE pictures with Fei just now!


#19. With the proud Pa Pa

And and, he was asking me to show him this picture when he saw me transferring the pictures just now. πŸ™‚

I know how some of you may think, what’s the biggie.

Not like my sister is close to Megan Fox’s hotness or Julia Roberts’s sweetness.

Thing is, my sister went through a lot to become the person who she is, today.

To be pretty in her own eyes at last, though she’s always been the prettiest thing to me.

So Fei, be confident of yourself and you’ll realize you’ve been looking super duper down on yourself all these years.

No one tops you, to me. You’re beautiful, smart, sexy, kind, helpful and everything else that you can think of to praise someone.

Yes, my baby sister is close to perfect.

Of course, she’s blur and she has her own bad habits.

But these imperfections of hers made her nothing but more unique in her own way.

Today, I was really happy for her.

Cause my baby sister has finally…no, not grown up, passed ONE phase of her life.

She’s always going to be my BABY sister. Hehe.

Okay, I’m going to end this post with more pictures of my sister.

But edited by your amateur blogger who tried to produce some good pictures today.

I really tried.







Note: My sis fails, let me repeat FAILS in posing. I had to tell her how to smile, stand, etc cause I can’t stand it when I see her posing like she’s singing the national anthem. Yes. Stand still with hands at the sides. T.T

Or maybe Ben is right. I’m more of a poser than a photographer.

Well, at least I contribute to the world of photography! Haha!

Okay, one last picture of my sister.

This, I didn’t make her pose.

All I did was to make her laugh.


#22. πŸ™‚

And it turned out to be one of my favourites. πŸ™‚

Latest Addiction

29 Oct

Every time the semester draws closer to its ending, finals would be the one you have to go through first.

So, end of semester also equals to examinations.

And to me, it also equals to new addictions.

First semester, I was still an angel and I concentrated in my revisions. Teehee.

Last semester (my second), I was addicted to a TVB drama.


This semester, I got addicted to nope, not another drama but something far worst.

This doesn’t have an ending.

Well, not anytime soon that is.



Plants Vs Zombies. πŸ™‚

I know how silly it sounds, but once you start playing one round of this stupid-looking game, you will not stop.


You get over rounds after rounds, then the big boss and you think you’re finally done and over with until they give you a watering can and say you got a garden now!


#2. Cute flowers!!!

See!!! Such adorable flowers!!

And you can continue with the puzzles and mini-games to get money to buy more of these cute flowers!

Want to know what’s worst the best part?

I got room mates that zombify plays with me too!!! πŸ™‚


#3. Louise zombify-ing


Lucky me I’m still a coward and I am still terribly afraid that my CGPA will drop.

So I do spend some time off Zombies and focus on Statistics too!

Okay, going off now. πŸ™‚

My Kind of Entertainment.

27 Oct

When you are bored & sick of studying so much, you feel like you can vomit out papers and books you need some entertainment, what do you do?


#1. The sien face


This was taken in one of the very super boring Sociology lectures.

Ah yes, I haven’t told you what I do when I’m bored.

I look at random pictures in my phone and blog about them! πŸ™‚


#2. Mandy with the very yummy dessert


#3. Elen with her *nyum nyum* noodles

These were taken almost a year ago ifΒ  I’m not wrong. Goodness. I forgot why were we there already. For lunch and movie I assume. Got Belle also. Haha!

All I’m sure is that the food there is really good and the deco of the restaurant is really nice. It’s at The Gardens by the way. πŸ™‚

#4. Coursemates

#4. Course Mates


#5. Jo Ann & the bully, Pei Ling

These were taken just a week ago! πŸ™‚

We were at the talk given on our coming internship.

If you noticed the lecture hall is extra nice and all (that is if you noticed lah), don’t think we usually get to attend classes in halls like this.

This is Dewan Kuliah (DK) 3 of Faculty of Economics and is extra nice, only open for special talks.

Our normal lecture halls are a bit older and we sit on wooden seats. No cushion one. But better also or else I will always sleep in class. πŸ™‚


#6. Moon with our pot!

This was during lunch just now! I had the most satisfying lunch ever!

Okay, not as satisfying as McD’s definitely but still damn good!!!

I am so full, I don’t have to eat dinner tonight! πŸ™‚



This was taken…don’t know when already. πŸ™‚

A very nice gift from a very thoughtful person. πŸ™‚

#9. Darling Happy :)

#8. Darling Happy πŸ™‚


#9. Fei & I

granny's 75th

#10. Po Po dearest

The two persons (and a dog) that are really close to my heart.

Miss all three of you very much out of a sudden.

#11. Audweeee

#11. Audweeee

A picture of Audrey the adorable hobbit to represent the BFFs cause this is the only recent picture I have in my phone.

Yes, haven’t met them for quite some time. *sigh

Okay, I’m feeling all energized to start my Statistics!!!

You should really get a blog if you have no idea what to do with the Internet when you’re dead bored. πŸ™‚

Beach Cleaning!

25 Oct

I went to the Beach Clean Up thingy just now!!!

A very impressive achievement cause not only I did a voluntary work, I woke up at 6.45 am to get ready for it! πŸ™‚

Impressive right, right?

Elen, Juin and I woke up about the same time then we went to the DM to have breakfast.

Today’s breakfast is everyone’s favourite! Nasi Lemak!! πŸ™‚

Then at about 7.40am together with Ben and Hung Tong also, we left for the main library’s bus stop.

#1. Tong & Juin

#1. Tong & Juin

#2. Elensha

#2. Elensha

I was super semangat-ed this morning. For what reasons, I don’t know…

Maybe the two plates of nasi lemak I had. ;p

Yup, TWO!

Waited for quite some time then we finally boarded the bus at about 9am.

#3. Breakfast in bus

#3. Breakfast in bus

They gave out breakfast in the bus also!!!

Erm… Hehe.. Yea.. I ate that too despite the fact I ate two plates of nasi lemak earlier. πŸ™‚





The committees were giving out pamphlets and stickers in the bus.

Then I saw a line in the pamphlet that writes, “There is no time to waste.”

#6. There is no time to waste

#6. There is no time to waste

Like the waste as in waste, garbage and no time to waste. Haha! …get it?

Anyway, after about 2 hours, we reached Port Dickson! (or Pee Dee as my BFF likes to call it)



Not that dirty surprisingly.



This is how the check point, the place we gather or what ever you call it looks like.

Okay, there were Coca-cola and Body Shop booths at the side as well. Forgive your amateur blogger here.

Still not that good with cameras despite various attempts to learn for real. 😦

And I was only using my phone.



There were about 107 volunteers just now. Not bad, eh? πŸ™‚

#10. Elen, Juin & Ben

#10. Elen, Juin & Ben

My team mates! Short of Jia Xuan (I hope I spelled it right) though.

You see, we’re supposed to be in groups of 5, each with different job scope.

Okay, basically the four of us do the same thing, to collect rubbish on the beach but we all hold different plastic bags for different categories of rubbish.

The last one is the data keeper, or what ever it’s called, to keep track of the things/rubbishes we collect. Ben is our data keeper!

And these are his tools!

#11. Ben's tools

#11. Ben's tools

So nice right! I mean the pencil. Haha.

#12. Elen and Juin

#12. Elen and Juin

And these are ours!

After a short talk and all, off we go to collect rubbish!!!

#13. Start work!!!

#13. Start work!!!

That’s Jia Xuan by the way at most left, Ben in the middle and Aunty Foong on the right.

Hehe. Elen was terribly afraid of the sun.

We collected polystyrene and cigarette butts mostly but there were a few things that I have only heard of their existence in the beach.

I mean, I’ve heard there were things like that but never thought would see one for real.

#14. Elen with her rubbish

#14. Elen with her rubbish

Oh, before you guys think I was busy taking pictures only and not helping, I found that ok.

I asked Elen’s help to pose with it only. Hehe.

Back to the picture.

How can anyone leave one of their slippers behind like that?

I mean, you cannot just leave with one side of your slippers on and not the other.

Even if you left bare footed, don’t tell me you don’t realize you only have one side of your slippers with you?


But this is even worst.

#15. Juin with her 'treasure'

#15. Juin with her 'treasure'

Can’t tell what is that?

Don’t worry, here’s an up-close one.


#16. Freaking used diaper

Some brainless idiot actually buried their kid’s used diapers into the sand!!!

And this wasn’t the only one we found this morning!

We actually found two!

And I was holding the ‘others’ category plastic bag so these freaking diapers end up in my plastic bag!!!

So disgusting!!!

After about two hours under the hot sun, we went back to the earlier said check point to weigh our rubbish.

While waiting for them to weigh…





Seriously, nothing beats a cold can of Coca-Cola after staying under the hot sun for almost two hours.

Though Ben calls Coke evil. T.T

So, the weighing thing finally settled and so we loitered around the place.

#19. Rubbish from all over Pantai Saujana

#19. Rubbish from all over Pantai Saujana

These were from the efforts of everyone.

Pantai Saujana is now officially CLEANer.

Honestly, this may seem like a silly thing to many; to collect rubbish under the hot sun and all but I felt really happy after doing something, like some sort of contribution to Mother Nature.

After all, the rubbish will not be around if it wasn’t for us.

Us as in people in general.

Who in the world buries their kid’s used diapers in the sand?

For goodness sake, only cats bury their poo poo in the sand!

Anyhow, good job to all of us, I would say. *proud

I was super contented until I found out we were actually in a competition.

I heard of it earlier but since the organizers didn’t say anything, I thought it was just a rumour.

Till I saw this…

#20. Body Shop goodies

#20. Body Shop goodies

Winners actually get to win Body Shop goodies! O.o

And to win, simply collect the most rubbish!

We didn’t win sadly. But I managed to get over it after a while cause I was at the beach!

#21. With the poster

#21. With the poster



I’m surprised my k550i could capture get such a picture. Haha.



Really not bad right? πŸ™‚

Anyway, as I was busy snapping away, I didn’t realize one of the committees were giving a talk.

A really informative one. One which I really regret for not listening. 😦

What I know is we were supposed to do this 350 writing on the sand with our shoes as a message to the United Nations people.

If I am not wrong.

#24. 350

#24. 350

Don’t ask me what 350 means cause that was in the earlier part of the talk. Which I missed. 😦

#25. The banner

#25. The banner

A bit blur, sorry.

It’s written, “UM Cares. 350Β  let’s go! Who else cares?”

#26. Feet in sand. :)

#26. Feet in sand. πŸ™‚

After lunch, we headed back to UM.

I said this earlier but I’m going to say it again.

It was a really new experience. Definitely worth it to spend my Sunday like that. πŸ™‚

CCC Photo Shoot

21 Oct

I got ffk-ed by my lecturer. 😦

The only class I look forward to attending, International Economics Issue.

But anyway, he didn’t ffk actually.

I skipped didn’t go class on Monday so I didn’t know he finished the syllabus already.

I know, I know. Contradicting right.

Say I look forward but still can skip.

I stayed up doing my Malaysian Economy research proposal the night before so I was really tired…

Okay, photos from CCC photo shoot, as promised…

#1. Group Picture

#1. Group Picture

Not all of the committees turned up, as expected. 😦

#2. My family. :)

#2. My family. πŸ™‚

Pictures are from Ben, obviously.

If you had noticed the unique angle from the first picture.

He actually attached his camera to a tripod then place the tripod on a tree!

A pretty tall one!

Tall until people took turns lifting him up to put the camera.


Sounds like I’m advertising for Ben a lot lately but seriously, his photography skills are really really good. πŸ™‚

And FYI, Ben is not even studying anything close to photography.

He’s studying Ecology, if I’m not wrong.

Haha. Which is why I really admire him for his skills. Or maybe he’s born talented.

Okay, gotta go for Maths class now. See you all soon. πŸ™‚

Finale of Simply Fabulous At MOS

21 Oct

I just got back from a yummy dinner with my family in college!!! πŸ™‚

The food was so-so, the company was awesome and the laughters made everything superb!!!

Hehe. But no pictures yet as I am an amateur blogger who needs to rely on other people’s camera.

Fred not, my dear readers, as I have pictures from the Finale of Simply Fabulous!!! πŸ™‚

Before we proceed, all pictures are from Ben. the super talented freaking scarily good photographer that makes you look good in pictures even if you look like shyte.

#1. Crowd at the finale

#1. Crowd at the finale

A look at the crowd and the two very good-looking emcees.

My friends went all goo-goo-gah-gah looking at the guy emcee, Henry, if I am not wrong.

I think he’s okay okay only. The girl looks really pretty though! I think her name is Sarah Lian. πŸ™‚

#2. Bei Shan's very excited fans!

#2. Bei Shan's very excited fans!

We were bored of the emcees after a while and cannot wait to see Bei Shan!

#3. The contestants

#3. The contestants

Yup, my mom didn’t won, sadly.

But to me she is still the biggest winner. Hehe, cheesy I know. :p

#4. Judges

#4. Judges

#5. Bei Shan with Sarah Lian

#5. Bei Shan with Sarah Lian

That is Bei Shan answering the judges’ question.

I think her dress doesn’t really suit her, agree?

Makes her look so dull and fatter.

Maybe if she wore a different dress then she might have won. Haha.

Then when the other girls were answering we were doing our own stuffs. Hehe.

#6. Ben & Hyma

#6. Ben & Hyma

#7. Wee Keng & I

#7. Wee Keng & I

Keng keng~~ Hehe. Yup, I managed to pull him out of college to join us. πŸ™‚

Then, after a while, there were performances by James Baum and some other rappers.

#8. James Baum and friends

#8. James Baum and friends

Though this James Baum fella is a bit new and I guess not many knows who is he, he sings pretty well and I think he deserved more applause.

The crowd literally ignored him and most of them were rushing off to the toilet or were busy camwhoring. Poor Baum guy.

#9. Moon, Louise & I

#9. Moon, Louise & I

Okay fine, we did a little photo-taking also lah.. But we applauded when he left the stage!!!

After a while, the contestants are back on stage for cat walk!!!

#10. Contestants in Levi's

#10. Contestants in Levi's

They were all in clothes from Levi’s.

Too bad Ben didn’t snap aΒ  full body picture of Bei Shan cause her jeans are damn damn nice!!!

If I’m not wrong they got some cash vouchers from Levi’s, too. Sigh… Why wasn’t I born pretty??? 😦

Nonsense aside, they had a break in the middle and the DJ was playing some songs.

But no, I don’t dance when it’s that bright so we ended up taking pictures! πŸ™‚







Then after that, the results were announced and there were a lot of huggings on the stage and then it’s over.

We left MOS and headed to Station 1 after a while cause the guys were hungry.

And that was where I got the chance to lay my hands on Ben’s camera!!!

#14. Loo, Moon & Hyma

#14. Loo, Moon & Hyma

I really like this picture! Moon look so adorable here.

And I found out, you don’t really have to get a big high-tech super chun DSLR to get nice nice pictures.

It’s the extra nice flash that you should get.

I mean, Ben was using his Nikon digital camera (I think), it’s the small type one lah, but the pictures turned out really really nice because he attached an additional flash to it. The flash though, is those pro-looking flash.

I was so excited about it and continued harassing taking pictures of everyone. πŸ™‚

#15. Wee Keng

#15. Wee Keng

#16. Louise & Moon

#16. Louise & Moon

#17. Ben with his cute tie.

#17. Ben with his cute tie.

Then Ben took over and showed me what lightings could do. πŸ™‚

#18. Me :)

#18. Me πŸ™‚

SO SUPER NICE RIGHT!!! Got some more got some more!!!

#19. "I don't know what am I doing so I'm just going to listen to Ben..."

#19. "I don't know what am I doing so I'm just going to listen to Ben..."

…too nice. Not the model lah, I’m not so perasan.

You guys should know the lightings and all at Station 1.

It’s impossible to get such a nice picture if you’re using a normal camera with normal flash and me as the one holding onto the camera.

#20. Elen

#20. Elen

Another good shot. But this time with a prettier model, obviously. πŸ™‚

#21. Hyma

#21. Hyma

#22. Louise

#22. Louise

Then Ben let me play with the camera again while he attend to his coleslaw and toast. πŸ™‚

#23. Ben and his supper

#23. Ben and his supper

#24. Amos

#24. Amos

#25. Moon

#25. Moon

Meet my dark, twisted friend Moon…

…kidding! I don’t know why that girl doesn’t like to smile properly for the camera. Haha.

Then we got back to MOS for a short clubbing session. Hehe.



Then we finally get to meet Bei Shan!!!

#27. Group picture!!!

#27. Group picture!!!

I realized this is the only group picture we took that night. Haha!

#28. My pretty mommy & I

#28. My pretty mommy & I

After that we went in back MOS and danced the night away. Haha!

Sound a bit wrong but I don’t know how to describe it.



And finally, the last part of the night, the Mamak session.

Oh yah, before I end this. One final chun picture of Ben’s…



I know how long this post is.

But I can’t help it cause the pictures are all really nice! I must share it with you guys!

And of course, credits to Ben!!! πŸ™‚

Short Quickie Annoyed Update

20 Oct

Okay, this is going to be just a short one cause I’m super sleepy.

It was the fire drill last night this morning at around 2.30 onwards till about 4 plus.

I escaped from being at the open space and watch those firemen do their thing, but still, I didn’t get to sleep early.

And a sleepy Xin Min is a grumpy Xin Min. 😦

Anyways, I will update on the Simply Fabulous Finale soon, since the pictures are now with Louise already.

And will update on the CCC photo shoot too!

But since I’m so kind I will post a few pictures from the events lah. Hehe.


#1. Jin Hai & Elen with Uncle Stephen behind

#2. The three generations

#2. The three generations

These were during the CCC photo shoot, hence the same T-shirts. πŸ™‚

#3. Posers in toilet

#3. Posers in toilet

#4. Us

#4. Us

And those are from the finale.

Gosh. I so need to sleep. I’m on this bitchy annoyed mood I get annoyed at everything. Even annoyed at my phone for beeping.

Protected: When Bad Turns to Worst.

18 Oct

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Bei Shan, Simply Fabulous!

12 Oct

Heard of the on-going competition Simply Fabulous Maybelline New York?

I believe most of you would have seen the advertisements on 8tv or heard of it from God-knows-where.

What ever it is, do vote for Bei Shan! πŸ™‚

Just click here

Some of you might not know her and wonder, “Why should I vote for her?”

Or you may even ask what typical Malaysians like to ask, “What do I get from voting her?”

Some of my friends won tickets to be at the finale which would be at MOS this coming Wednesday, 14th October 2009.

Lots of pretty girls are going to be there, I’m sure. πŸ™‚

Cause there’s going to be a free make over thingy from 6 till 7.30pm!

AND freebies are given to the 500 early birds of the night!

You don’t even need to pay to vote for her.

All you have to do is click on to the link above and you’re a step ahead in making a girl’s dream come true.

And no, this is not some advertorial post.

I’m doing all this cause I think Bei Shan should really win.

Apart from her being my dearΒ  ‘mommy’ in college, she’s been a really nice friend!

#1. 'Jin Long Jia'

#1. 'Jin Long Jia'

I’ve worked with her in the same project before and I was her unit member at that time.

I wasn’t committed at all but she was really thoughtful and considerate to understand I was really busy at that time and didn’t tell on me to the project director.

#2. Actual Month 08/09 Committee Members

#2. Actual Month 08/09 Committee Members

Best part is she hasn’t changed at all since she joined the competition.

She’s been interviewed by New Straits Times, China Press (and more I think) and of course appeared in TV commercials on 8tv but she’s still the Bei Shan I know.

Her answers are all so real and natural.

Unlike some who answered like they memorized it from the “How to Answer Questions in Beauty Competitions” guide or something.

#3. Bei Shan

#3. Bei Shan

So do help and vote for her!

I’m a bit late for this already actually cause voting ends tonight or tomorrow, I’m not too sure.

So go click on the link above, FAST FAST!!!

Hope to see you in the finale! πŸ™‚

Room Warming

12 Oct

It was the room-warming party just now!!!

Almost everyone was here! Everyone from the ‘sisterhood’ that is. πŸ™‚

Before we eat, first we lay the newspapers…


Then we go get some ice cubes…


while some sulk at a corner cause it’s taking too long to prepare and she’s darn hungry!!! πŸ™‚


Wait a while lah k, Moon. Haha!

Then it’s dinner time!!!


Got Domino’s pizzas, soft drinks,’cekodok‘ from Terengganu, and even jackfruit!!! πŸ™‚


We had to drink from our containers cause not enough cups. πŸ™‚

Oh yah! The ones who made it were…


Belle! Biao biao


Beloved ex-room mate. Haha! I know you missed us.


Juin! Ju ju~ She just got back from Terengganu, hence a bit tired and quiet just now.


Hung Tong! Tong tong. She was having sore throat so she ate a bit only.. 😦

And us, the hostess!!!


Lun lun…


Loo Loo…


and ME! πŸ™‚

It’s been a while since I last camwhored like that.

And it’s been don’t know how many million years ago since my SS picture turn out to be okay at the first try. πŸ™‚

I guess being happy really makes you look better!

It was a very simple dinner, get-together thing but it was still loads of fun!! cause we were making fun of Moon most of the time.

Definitely one of the best ways to wrap up the weekend!