14 Nov

#1. Hi-Fibre Cheesecake

I am HOME!!! 🙂

Yes, I’m done with the exams (as mentioned a few hundred times on FB) so I’m back since Friday night.

I didn’t want to come home that early as there are still things unsettled in the university, like application procedures for the coming internship, scholarship, and laid-back sessions with the bunch. Hehe!

But it’s Mom and Fei’s birthday soon so better be home to not miss any celebration. Just in case.

And I was just in time for Fei’s surprise on Friday night itself.

Her long time buddy, Kylie and Malcolm came over with a High-Fibre Cheesecake (as shown above), which is one of the very few things Fei eat during her diet times.


#2. Malcolm, Fei, & Kylie

The surprise was a success, obviously. Fei is the blurrest person on Earth so it’s super easy to surprise her. 🙂


#3. The success!

If you guys haven’t noticed, Fei was still in her home clothes/pajamas. 🙂

She had no intentions to change pun despite the photo-taking and friends-coming-over.

Well, she’s just being herself I guess. 😉

Malcolm came with a guitar and played her the birthday song when they surprised her and for some reasons, my Mom cried.

Okay, so my Mom and Fei share the same birthday but still, they came for Fei.

Why is it that Mom was the one who cried?

No idea. Mom being herself, I guess. Haha!


#4. With Mom

Oh yah, it was the first time me meeting Malcolm actually.

Apparently Alyssa, also Fei’s long time buddy (Kylie, Alyssa and Fei were inseparable in school last time) and Kylie wanted to match-make Fei and him.

I keep telling Fei I’m with Aly and Kylie also!

Malcolm seems like a good guy! 🙂

Anyways, Heng is going to be back this Thursday! 🙂

Can’t wait, can’t wait!!!

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