Poke All Day!

19 Nov

Okay, the title sounds a bit wrong. Haha!

Holidays started like about one week only and I’m starting to rot at home already.

So I go online pretty often and what else to do if not FB when you online the whole afternoon.

And I use this application pretty often, just to amuse myself on the funny things you’re able to do with your friends or your friends’ avatar, to be more exact. 😉

#1. 😦

Hahaha! Buddypoke!

That is my avatar before I changed her appearance.

And yes, that was really how I felt just now!

#2. L.O.V.E

And this is after I changed her hairstyle, added some eye shadow, changed her shoes and added a watch.

Surprisingly I used a lot of pink. I used to hate pink like anything. Haha!

I got bored and changed her appearance again.

#3. Me like BLUE!


Okay fine, I know I am getting lamer by the day.

First it was Plants vs Zombies, now Buddypoke.

But hey, try staying in the house with nothing on the TV to watch and no more blogs to read cause you’ve read them just yesterday, see you’ll turn lame like me or not!


I need some real entertainment before I go nuts.

4 Responses to “Poke All Day!”

  1. huiyee at 10:54 pm #

    haha…everyone feel so after exam my dear 😛 y not go do sth…like go on a trip???or..hehe..learn sum new exercise mayb..like yoga>< aerobic dance in d morn…go clean up ur hse..lol

  2. liksheng at 10:06 am #

    You that bored?HAhahahahaha

    • Xin Min at 1:47 pm #

      Hui Yee: Haha! I just cleaned my room! Waiting for my friends to come back.. Only we finished our exams that early..

      Lik Sheng: Yes. I was THAT bored. T.T You must be bored also since you say you only come here when you’re bored. Haha

  3. jessieloi at 4:49 am #

    Wait waaaaaait! I am coming backkkkkk!!!!! Wait for meeee!

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