Party at Aunt Lowell’s

29 Nov

So, it was Aunt Lowell’s, or more fondly known as Kao Bie to my family, house warming party plus baby Ivan’s one month’s party.

Remember the little cousin in my previous post? Well, he’s a month old now! 🙂

It wasn’t anything big, just a small kinf of gathering with the family and close relatives.

#1. Food!

The typical kind of food you get in a house party but this certainly taste different!

It was by far the best party food I had!

And all were home cooked! 🙂

Meet my favourite little cousin sister.

#2. Qii Qii

She was on such good mood last night!

Usually she will give that beh song face when you ask her to pose for the camera but last night she siap siap pose! 🙂


Just look at her!!! Super duper adorable right! 🙂

Okay, random pictures of the party as follows.

Sorry yah, a bit lazy to write today. 😉

#4. Fei, Kao Bie & Baby Ivan

#5. Time to eat!!

That’s my eldest cousin brother Ming Yang, Aunt Siew Lan, half of cousin Ming Derk and my youngest cousin brother Ming Nyet.

Some of you may wonder, why Ming Nyet is the youngest when there’s baby Ivan?

Well, baby Ivan is actually my grand aunty’s grandson. A bit confusing, but what ever lah, still family. 🙂

#6. Yee Poh & Fei

And that is my grand aunty! Or more fondly known as Yee Poh.

She used to be our nanny, too. She came and lived with my family when I was only a month old until I was about 15 years old, I think.

This explains why my younger siblings are extremely close to her. 🙂

#7. Everyone filling up their tummies.

People always complain I take picture of them eating, so I took from the back instead. 🙂

#8. Fei & baby Ivan

#9. Baby Ivan & I

#10. Like mother, like daughter. 🙂

#11. Fei & I

So yup, that’s about it. At about 10 plus all of us left. 🙂

Gosh, it’s the course registration tomorrow morning and I’m really nervous about it.

It’s the third time I’m registering and the first two times were seriously disastrous.

I overslept the first time and I was in the forest the second so I had to rely on my friends to register for me. 😦

Please let tomorrow be different. *fingers crossed

3 Responses to “Party at Aunt Lowell’s”

  1. feiiiiii at 3:35 am #

    yo yo.. its almost 4!! =D qii qii looks supaaaa cuteee!!

  2. chelsea at 10:00 pm #

    how come i am not featured here????!!!! deng!

    • Xin Min at 9:11 pm #

      Chelsea: Haha. No picture of you that night lah.

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