A Bad Start

30 Nov

What a way to start my day.

I had a sleepless night last night because I was really nervous about the course registration this morning.

The system in UM is that you register online on a certain date at 9am.

I overslept the first time because I went clubbing the night before, so it’s my own fault I didn’t get the classes I wanted.

Then the second time I was away in Kelantan for BTN, so I had to rely on Ang to register for me.

So yeah, again, I didn’t get the classes I wanted.

I really wanted to change things this time as I’m at home, so I planned to wake up at 8am, just in case anything goes wrong, like Maxis broadband suddenly cannot work or something.

Oh, why am I so scared, I can always register a bit later right? One two minutes make no difference?


I was only late by 5 minutes the first time, as they say the registration only starts at 9am.

But thing is, by 8.45am, people start sitting in front of their computers and keep refreshing the page already.

So as soon as it’s open, and usually it opens like 10 minutes before 9, people start registering. By 9, all classes are full already.

I sat in front of my computer this time, at 8.15am.


Ready with a cup pf Nescafe somemore.

And I joined the rest of the kiasu people and kept refreshing.


But again, I was too late for a few classes.

I seriously don’t understand how this system works.

How is it possible to be full in a matter of seconds?

And classes that are full are core subjects that I need to finish before proceeding to the next semester.

So how am I going to continue with what ever I want to do?

And I cannot get the elective course I wanted, meaning it’s more difficult for me to continue with the major I wanted earlier.

This is seriously frustrating.



4 Responses to “A Bad Start”

  1. huiyee at 3:07 pm #

    a small lil reminder..
    1. u have to plan which is d hottest subject
    2. u have to type REAL fast
    3. usually it starts during 8.50am
    4. key in those hottest subject like nobody biz..
    coz my dear…everyone in econ fact is like FIGHTING for finance line…lol..so tats all d tips..but hor..
    3rd yr u might got d LIL privilege this time..
    n if by this sem..u cant get those course u wan..u might consider manual applying it..ask lect for permission to join..type letter n enter class manually lor..^^

  2. Titus at 8:10 pm #

    The Choong sister’s are beginning to have more resemblance (=
    Hope UM is treating you well.

  3. Titus at 4:00 pm #

    The Choong sister’s are beginning to show resemblance as they get older (=

    Hope UM is treating you well.

    • Xin Min at 9:10 pm #

      Titus: Hi! Really? I don’t know to take that as a compliment or not. ;-p Thanks for dropping by anyways and yes, I’m having a lot of fun in UM! Hope you’re doing good, too in Japan! =)

      Hui Yee: Sigh. Why are Econs students so super kiasu. Haha.. Thanks for your tips! =) Might be opting for manual registration. =)

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