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What Are Friends to You?

11 Nov

I’m just wondering.

How do you consider someone as a good friend?

Someone who clicks seriously well with you?

Or someone who has nothing in common with you, just being together feels comfortable?

Someone who agrees with everything you say?

Or someone who’s all in for debates with you over where the best Hokkien Mee is in the country?

Someone who knows what you’re thinking without having to tell it all out?

Or someone who has no clue about anything in the world even if you draw things out?

Well, I don’t know.

But I’m sure with really good friends, you can be yourself without having to worry about being judged.



Yes, you can take pictures with your middle finger at your cleavage and your dear friend thinks it’s the picture of the night. 🙂



You can also take silly pictures with them at a restaurant.

And both of you actually enjoy acting like that while others may think you’re silly.



And of course, you can punch them whenever you beh song with them and they will never get angry.

What are friends to you?

p.s: Questions are seriously random, no intentions at pointing to anyone or anything in specific.

p.p.s: I am in serious need for BFFs. 😦

My New Friends

4 Nov


These became my good friends lately.

I’m constantly with them.

Not that they’re annoying or anything but it gets really boring after spending just an hour with them.



They’re very obsessed with me, too.

They make me feel extremely bad if I leave them aside for a while to attend to other stuffs.

And this had to become my favourite among them cause it’s extremely important for me to not lose it.


#3. Favourite friend

Until next week at least. 😉

You see, I won’t be able to update for a couple of weeks cause they are making me feel extremely guilty already now.

I have to get back to them. 😦

They’re not really what good friends should be so I won’t keep them for long.

I’ll get rid of them as soon as I can.

I’ll be back, promise. 🙂

The Weekend At Home

2 Nov

I am not going back home with my books again.

Cause I don’t even touch them when I reach home!

Die. Means study week better not go home.

Friday was eventful, Saturday was even better!

Mom woke me up around 11, saying we have our programme for the day lined up already.

Breakfast-ed, then off we went.

Oh, I was ‘on leave’ that day. 🙂


#1. Driver of the day!

Xinyi was on duty instead.


#2. Boss

Mommy looking prettier this time. Hehe.

She was saying when ever I have the camera, she is going to make up for that outing cause I always snap candid pictures of her. 😉


#3. The baby girl of the family

Hehe. She is Xin Fei, in case you guys cannot recognize her.

Oh, where were we going?



Those who stay in Subang would know by now, I guess.

Hehe. Yup, we were going to Summit again cause Mom wasn’t satisfied with the shopping on Friday.

She said it was too rush and she didn’t see everything there so she’s going again.

Fei and her went straight up to the 4th floor, where the Metrojaya sales was at, while Xin Yi and I went for a hair cut.

At the place Audrey cuts her hair. I call that place like that cause I don’t remember what’s the name of the saloon! 🙂


#5. XinYi getting her hair cut

No pictures of me during the process cause I’m always terrified to move while someone’s doing something to me that concerns how I look after that (ie. facial, hair cut, etc)

But got picture of me after the hair cut! 🙂




Not much difference, I know but that’s the whole point!!!

I love going for a hair cut and get people washing my hair for me but I hate it after the hair cut when I realize my hair is short already. Hehe!

Then off we went to the Metrojaya Sales to meet my mom and Xin Fei.


#7. Metrojaya Sales!!!

I secretly took this shot. Secretly cause I don’t know if I was allowed to take pictures since the security was really tight there.

As I mentioned in the previous post, they even tie up your handbags! O.o

XinYi and I didn’t get to stay long there though cause Fei and Mom left already.

Again, I didn’t get to shop properly. 😦

But, they were waiting for us for lunch!

And guess what’s for lunch???


#8. My favourite kind of lunch!!!


I am a super huge fan of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and would go crazy if I don’t get it after three weeks not having it.


Haha. Okay, after that we sent lunch home to the guys and off we went to Bangsar!



XinYi wanted to shop for office wear at this place called the Dude and the Dutchess, if I’m not wrong.

But she didn’t get anything in the end and then she brought us to this Indian shop to…


#10. Fei, getting her eye brow threaded

Yes. Eye brow threading place opposite Bangsar Village.

The very traditional method, you know the one where they use threads and all.

The whole thing was fun in a way cause you get neater eye brows after that but PAIN!

Super pain!!!


#11. XinYi in pain

My sisters threaded their ‘moustache’ also but *Hehe*, no thanks for me.

Eye brow already so pain, upper lip sure more pain lor!!!

See XinYi’s face!!! O.o

They have this saying in Chinese, “Oi Leng Mm Moi Meng” that translates “Want Beauty Don’t Want Life” which really applied for this cause…







p.s: Pictures in medium size to not scare you away. 😉

The parts that were threaded became swollen and very red right after that!

Fei said the feeling on her upper lip is as though she rubbed cili padi on it.

Gosh. But it was really reasonable and the results were good at least.

For eye brow threading is RM 5 only and if you do the upper lip also it’s RM 8. 🙂

And then, next destination was to the hospital in Bangsar.

It started raining very heavily.



But not for long. 🙂


#16. Hello again Sun!!

Oh yah, we were going to the hospital cause my aunt, or more fondly known as Kao Bie just gave birth to a baby boy!!!

If you guys follow my blog, he’s Qii Qii’s (pronounced as Kei Kei) brother. And Qii Qii is, I think the only child that I’ve blogged about before.



So super adorable right!

Let’s just call him my cute cousin cause he doesn’t have a name yet. 🙂


#18. My cute cousin!

See! He even opened his eyes!!


#19. Us with the proud mother

I’m really happy cause my aunt and uncle got good genes one means they produce more good-looking people to the society!

Haha! I know that’s really random but I’m just happy lah in short. 🙂

Then it was dinner at the new Imperial Garden that night.





A pretty expensive place for a normal family dinner, I would say.

And the food are served in relatively small portions so it’s just average though the interior of the restaurant was pretty nice.

My Sunday was spent on anything else other than revising for the finals.

So, it’s 12.26 am now that means it’s Monday already and I shall start my revisions again.