The Royal Debates

9 Dec

On the 23rd of November, I went back to the university as I volunteered myself to be part of the committee of the ‘Pertandingan Debat Piala DiRaja’ or the Royal Debates.


UM is the host this time, despite the fact we, as in UM’s people rejected the offer a couple of times.

Reason I think they rejected is because UM has no experience at all in hosting the Royal Debates and UM is the oldest university in Malaysia, so obviously the buildings, roads and facilities are not as canggih as other universities.

Nevertheless, they accepted it in the end as the organizers behind this Royal Debates kept offering.

When I first got back, I sort of regretted cause I don’t know any of the people there besides the other four (Juin, Aizzat, Hung Tong and Shobana) who are also from 3rd. Malar joined us later.

And so, we started working with name tags, and we also signed up to be in the Protocol unit.

#2. Aizzat, when she's not working.

Eventually, 3rd December came. Participants from universities all over the country came to register.

There were problems already though it’s just the first day, so we went to the registration place, despite the fact that registration is not part of the central committee’s work.

We found fun in between work, of course.

#3. Malar, with evidence that we went in to the boys' dorm

Haha! Yes, we went into the boys’ dorm in 7th college. 🙂

Then after the 3rd, in other days we were mostly busy with rehearsals.

#4. Aisyah aka CHot

My dear partner who stands with me at the door in every function. 🙂

#5. Awaiting for rehearsals

Okay lar, more like waiting for rehearsals to start most of the time.

#6. In the DTC

Hmm.. You guys noticed the yellow chair?

#7. Yellow chair in between the blues

YES! Someone royal will be attending the closing ceremony!

And guess what?

#8. Raja Dr. Nazrin shaking hands with me 🙂

I shook hands with him!!!

FYI, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah is the Raja Muda Perak (the Sultan of Perak’s son) who is also the Tuanku Pro-Chancellor of University Malaya.

He was so nice and humble and shook hands with everyone at the red carpet!

I was at the door earlier when he first arrived and I was like star-struck and didn’t sembah him, which everyone is supposed to do when they see him.

I just stood there, smiling like a dumb freak while he smiled at me, then went in to the DTC.

Thank God he didn’t expel me from the university or something. *phew

Instead he agreed to take pictures with us!

#9. Raja Dr. Nazrin and us

Damn memorable lah seriously! 🙂

On top of this very royal experience, what’s more memorable is the fact that I joined a committee with a group of wonderful people.

Akmal, Mai, CHot, Azmi, Achik, Umar, Nouraisyah, Mahani and the rest, seriously you guys made this so much more meaningful to me.

And not forgetting the Student Affairs and Alumni officers, Pn NurHafizah, Cik Azhan, Encik Ruzaini, Encik Ariff, Kak Nor, and the rest of the kakaks, you guys have been wonderfully supportive in every way.

Thank you guys a million for bringing so much fun and joy to me throughout the Royal Debates! 🙂

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