Enough of Holidays

13 Dec

A short summary on the things I’ve been up to lately.

Out of serious, can-kill-people-level-of-boredom, the three of us went to Pyramid for lunch.

Simply go there just to get out of the house. Haha.

Best part is Boy was treating us. 🙂

#1. How I eat my pizza 🙂

Yes, I add lots and lots of cheese powder every time I eat pizza. 🙂

After lunch, we walked around and I was hoping to snap some pictures at the Christmas deco area, but too bad it was too crowded.

I only got one in the end. 😦

#3. Fei & Boy

Because Boy is a boy (?), hence he’s impatient and can never stand shopping.

So we left after a while and no, the outing didn’t help to lift my mood.

Just last night, we were supposed to have our fancy monthly dinner (it’s a thing we do quite often lately; my family and I will go venture for good food when we have just a bit of extra money or something) but unfortunately, we ended up with Nando’s.

#4. Me food!!!

Still good though to me.

Cause it was already 8 something and I had brunch only.

But sigh, I still feel moody after everything.

Met up with the BFFs after dinner.

#5. Taipan Food Garden

Yup, we were at the Taipan Food Garden.

The new food court we have in Taipan now, opposite McD’s and True Fitness.

And they have swings in there!

Down side is your butt will pain one after sitting a while at the swings.

I think that’s their strategy or else we’ll sit there all day with the same cup of drink. Haha. Yes, we are cheapskate like that.

#6. Heng

Just letting you guys know Heng was actually dancing when I took the picture. Haha!

No pictures of Loi, though cause I got lazy already when she reached.

Seriously, holidays without plans kills your mood like anything.

I’ve been super moody lately all thanks to the holidays. 😦

I want to go back to the awfully boring lectures, assignments, presentations, and everything else.

p.s: I just realized I got the wrong date for the first picture. It’s supposed to be 11th Dec actually. Haha. But I’m too lazy to edit all over so just ignore it lah k.

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