A Happy One At Last!

15 Dec

Yesterday was the first time in this holidays I actually felt excited about going out!

Yes, finally I’m back to normal. Haha!

Probably because I was going to watch a movie I’ve always wanted to watch.

I’ve been waiting for months to watch this…


Princess and HengLi the Frog!!!

It was such a good movie!!!

I super love Disney cartoons, I’ve never missed anyone of it!

So this is a must-watch when I saw the trailer!

The characters are so adorable, the script was so funny and the songs were NICEEEEE~

#2. The people I went with. 🙂

Anyway, while we were waiting for our movie, as we’re very boring people, we got no where to go with nothing to do.

Loi suggested we go to the cinema area cause that’s the cool place, apparently. T.T

And this happened.

#3. Our kind of movie posters

#4. Spot the difference?

After the movie, dinner it was! 🙂

#5. Carl's Jr. 🙂

Because we’re very boring people, hence we are easier to please.

Simple pleasures in life like this make us very very happy! 🙂

#6. Happy people.

#7. Happy Loi

Then we headed to Starbucks to meet some of the form 6 bunch.

It’s been a while since we last met. 🙂

#8. Bao Yen & Jess

And oh, Starbucks it was, because of this…

#9. Loi & her long-awaited planner

Loi! One of the pages is sponsored by me, okay! 😉

#10. Variety of colours and flavours

And races

Okay, that’s all! I’m now looking forward to shopping with Mrs Choong!

Yes, she’s my mom. 🙂

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