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Of Duty and Dreams

25 Jan

It’s Monday.

School and work starts again after the weekend and for me, today I had one presentation, one tutorial, one basketball match, and supposedly one discussion.

As I was waiting for my printing to be done, there were cheers and applauds on the other side.

It was then this thought came to me.

If it was a yes, I would’ve been there.

Forms being filled up, in the midst of cheers and boos from the people.

Yet, here I am, printing my presentation slides and tutorials that will be submitted in a while.

Printing done, and I went off to the other way; the way to my faculty.

The route that I shall take to perform my duty as a student.

To nail the presentation I’ve been preparing for the past week. (and I did! πŸ™‚ )

To submit the tutorial that will gain me marks for my continuous assessment.

To go on with all the lectures and rush my assignments that are all due this week.

And not the other route; the route that I should be taking if I want to fulfill my dreams.

A dream that would be left as a dream only.

As I have made up my mind to concentrate in my studies.


To submit tutorials on time, to revise consistently, to prepare properly for every presentation, to work hard in every assignment.

Well, I hope I made the right choice and is able to score this semester.

Just for Fun.

24 Jan


Just a little something to make you guys smile.

Adorable, right? πŸ™‚

Of Coursemates.

20 Jan

Tuesday is the day I dread most cause classes are really packed that day.

I have class from 9am onwards up until 6pm, with breaks in between of course or you’ll have a crazy person blogging here now.

But yesterday, which is a Tuesday was rather different.

Classes are as usual, of course but I guess the random things we (my course mates and I) did for that one hour break in between our Methodology and APK made it all different!

Jo Ann has some problems with her student account with UM so she had to go to the SKR department to settle things.

Lik Sheng, her boyfriend drove us all there with her car.

Reason I emphasize it’s Jo Ann’s car is because…

#1. Pei Ling & Ang

No, not because she has two weird-looking passengers at the back. πŸ˜‰

It’s because the car is FULL with soft toys!!!

It’s everywhere!!!


Anyways, we got there after a while and Jo Ann proceeded to the counter with Lik Sheng to get things done.

Meanwhile, I was stuck with these two.


As you can see, they were clearly enjoying each other’s company despite the fact that they complain a lot about each other. Haha!

I am waiting for the day to comeΒ  when Ang or Pei Ling declares they are together or something. ;p

After about 15 minutes or something, all is good with Jo Ann’s account and she is a happy girl again! πŸ™‚

#4. Jo Ann & Lik Sheng

We settled down at the faculty’s cafe after that while waiting for the next class to start and a few of us got some stuffs to eat.

Lik Sheng has this ability to put the whole tofu into his mouth so I was trying to snap a picture of him doing it.


And obviously, I failed.

I will try harder next time. πŸ™‚

Okay, got to go now.

I got two (killer) tutorials due tomorrow, one assignment and one presentation due next week. T.T

Of Times Square, Sahur and Po Po.

17 Jan

Second post today (it was 11.23pm of January 16th when I started typing)! Am I efficient or what! πŸ™‚

We (Elen, Louise, Moon and I) went to Times Square earlier today cause all of us wanted to get CNY clothes.


It was such a nice shopping day cause we all got stuffs we want!

I got a pair of ear rings for XinFei and myself…

#2. Nice, cheap earrings!

and new clothes for the first day of CNY!

No pictures cause there are amendments to be made but still in progress. πŸ˜‰


Had to go to the ATM halfway cause all out of cash. ;-p

Mid-evening ‘snack’ it was then. Guess where?

#4. While waiting for food...


Yes! Johnny’s Restaurant, my first employer during my part time days!


#7. TomYum Bihun is β™₯

Then after that we went walking around some more and guess what!

They got cute CNY deco’s around Times Square already!

Okay lah, I haven’t been out to a mall lately and the last time I went it was all still Christmas-themed one.

#8. Group picture!


I actually prefer CNY decos over Christmas.

CNY decorations give me this happy, joyful feeling.

I think it has something to do with the colours. πŸ™‚


Okay, this picture isn’t really CNY-themed but wth, Elen looks good there!

I’ve been having so much fun lately!

Today it was the Times Square shopping craze, last night was at Sahur!


#12. L-R: Lee Fui, Jin Hai

#13. The seniors: Stephen, Wai Kin

#14. Elen with Lip Kent

It was, again a really fun yumcha session with loads of laughter.

I laughed so hard I think those who stays at Block C are cursing me like anything!

I know it happens because I do curse (okay maybe just scold a bit) people who laugh really loud till I can hear from my room.

But the jokes that night were sooo funny I couldn’t be bothered anymore!

I am so enjoying myself now, after my project is done.

But despite all the fun and laughters, I miss home.

And for some unknown reasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandma lately.

I miss my po po. 😦

It’s going to be the third CNY without her.

Where ever she is right now, I sure hope she’s all better and happy.

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

16 Jan

So, as promised, the MPO post!

This thing was actually kinda spontaneous.

I randomly told Ben a few of us want to know what is it like in the concert of MPO, then one day he emailed me about the New Year in Vienna thingy and then off we went!

#1. The entrance

We were at the entrance for a while, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

What other better things to do than to camwhore kan? :-p

#2. With the adorable Looo

#3. With Ju Ju~

#4. Moon with another expression of hers. πŸ™‚

#5. ELEN!

#6. Room mates!

We are not allowed to take any pictures when we got in, so no pictures of the beautiful hall. *sigh

Anyway, after the nice nice NICE concert, we went to Alicafe nearby our university’s KL gate to yumcha. Me likey. πŸ™‚



It was a really nice yumcha session!

The place was nice, the price was reasonable and the company was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

Okay, got to go now for a basketball friendly match.

Yes. I’m playing basketball again.

Pray that I won’t break my leg or something. :s

Of Things I’ve Been Up To Lately.

11 Jan

It’s been quite some time since I last blogged with pictures and all.

There’s been so many updates I don’t know which to start off with first.

So I guess I’m just going to blog about which ever that comes to my mind first.

#1. There was a photo session lately for the college magazine.

#1. Juin & I

#2. My gorgeous TP πŸ™‚

#3. Part of the Minggu Aktual Committee Members

#2. Lunch with the girls

It was lunch with the girls the next day.

We went into some random shop after a small confusion.

Louise wanted to eat the Japanese ramen and mistaken this shop for one that sells ramen but they actually sell the China type of lai mien. πŸ™‚

#4. Loo, Elen and the very special drink!

#5. Moooooooon

#6. Belle & Mandy

#7. The awesome dumplings we had! πŸ™‚

#3. Class.

Class is still as boring as ever.

I mean, there isn’t even one so far that I actually like. 😦

And I especially hate APK!

The lecturer treats us like we’re some 6 year old kid and makes us sit at the places she decides for us.

Resulting to this!


It was so super boring I resort to taking pictures.

As you can see, from my seat, it was impossible to look at her slides.

Which means, I spend two hours in the lecture hall dreaming and playing with my phone.

And no, we cannot talk cause teacher will make us sit in front. Swt kan.

#4. MPO

Yes, I went to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra!

I went on Saturday together with Louise, Elen, Moon, Juin, Ben and his friends from PKV, including Hyma and Chian Ming!

#9. Loo, giving me a hand like always. πŸ˜‰

This happens all the time cause *ehem* I don’t really know how to make up.


It was raining so heavily that day.

Lucky Ben happen to be at college and we got a lift from him.

And I officially hate my phone’s camera so much!

The view was actually so nice but because my phone now doesn’t come with auto-focus, those kind of things (unlike my faithful old k550i), pictures taken with it all are blur. 😦

There are more pictures from that night but I feel like doing a more proper post one on it cause it was a really nice experience!

I know how lazy I sound in this post but it’s because I’m on such a mood I cannot blog properly. 😦

And it’s getting late so I think I better go off now.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Once Is Enough.

8 Jan

It’s way past my bed time and I really should be sleeping after such a hectic day.

But there are things in my head that I want to put into words.

There have been an incident today which made me really angry at first.

Angry cause people don’t keep their words, and this is pathetic when it happens to leaders.

When you were first given the responsibility, you gave your promising speech, and vowed to be different.

Even I thought you were going to be different from the previous ones.

Unfortunately today’s incident proved me wrong.

Anger it was, at the beginning but it became disappointment later.

Disappointed that the person I used to look up to is just another loser in the market.

I’m never going to give you my respect anymore.

Oh well, on the bright side, I get to know who are my true friends and I get to see those faces beneath the masks they wear all the time.

So yeah, probably it’s another good learning experience but it’s going to be the last time, thank you very much.