Once Is Enough.

8 Jan

It’s way past my bed time and I really should be sleeping after such a hectic day.

But there are things in my head that I want to put into words.

There have been an incident today which made me really angry at first.

Angry cause people don’t keep their words, and this is pathetic when it happens to leaders.

When you were first given the responsibility, you gave your promising speech, and vowed to be different.

Even I thought you were going to be different from the previous ones.

Unfortunately today’s incident proved me wrong.

Anger it was, at the beginning but it became disappointment later.

Disappointed that the person I used to look up to is just another loser in the market.

I’m never going to give you my respect anymore.

Oh well, on the bright side, I get to know who are my true friends and I get to see those faces beneath the masks they wear all the time.

So yeah, probably it’s another good learning experience but it’s going to be the last time, thank you very much.

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