Of Things I’ve Been Up To Lately.

11 Jan

It’s been quite some time since I last blogged with pictures and all.

There’s been so many updates I don’t know which to start off with first.

So I guess I’m just going to blog about which ever that comes to my mind first.

#1. There was a photo session lately for the college magazine.

#1. Juin & I

#2. My gorgeous TP 🙂

#3. Part of the Minggu Aktual Committee Members

#2. Lunch with the girls

It was lunch with the girls the next day.

We went into some random shop after a small confusion.

Louise wanted to eat the Japanese ramen and mistaken this shop for one that sells ramen but they actually sell the China type of lai mien. 🙂

#4. Loo, Elen and the very special drink!

#5. Moooooooon

#6. Belle & Mandy

#7. The awesome dumplings we had! 🙂

#3. Class.

Class is still as boring as ever.

I mean, there isn’t even one so far that I actually like. 😦

And I especially hate APK!

The lecturer treats us like we’re some 6 year old kid and makes us sit at the places she decides for us.

Resulting to this!


It was so super boring I resort to taking pictures.

As you can see, from my seat, it was impossible to look at her slides.

Which means, I spend two hours in the lecture hall dreaming and playing with my phone.

And no, we cannot talk cause teacher will make us sit in front. Swt kan.

#4. MPO

Yes, I went to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra!

I went on Saturday together with Louise, Elen, Moon, Juin, Ben and his friends from PKV, including Hyma and Chian Ming!

#9. Loo, giving me a hand like always. 😉

This happens all the time cause *ehem* I don’t really know how to make up.


It was raining so heavily that day.

Lucky Ben happen to be at college and we got a lift from him.

And I officially hate my phone’s camera so much!

The view was actually so nice but because my phone now doesn’t come with auto-focus, those kind of things (unlike my faithful old k550i), pictures taken with it all are blur. 😦

There are more pictures from that night but I feel like doing a more proper post one on it cause it was a really nice experience!

I know how lazy I sound in this post but it’s because I’m on such a mood I cannot blog properly. 😦

And it’s getting late so I think I better go off now.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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